Kaley Cuoco's Husband Karl Cook Is Worth More Than You Think

Kaley Cuoco and her husband, Karl Cook, have solidified their place as one of Hollywood's cutest couples. From their adorable PDA to their social media banter, the two are made for each other. It's no wonder the Big Bang Theory star's friends knew early on that he might be "The One" (per Entertainment Tonight). He's also why she decided to give marriage another go after admitting to Cosmopolitan, "I honestly thought I wouldn't get married again. My ex ruined that word for me."

The couple met at a horse show, according to Women's Health, with Cuoco revealing Cook had no idea she was famous. "It was great because he never kissed my ass at all, and he never cared about any of that," the actor explained. "He loved that I loved horses. It became a big talking point for us." She said they bonded "a lot over having the same kind of outlooks on life, insecurities, dating," adding that despite coming from a "very well-to-do family," her husband is very humble. Cuoco explained, "There's all these [preconceived ideas] of being spoiled, and blah, blah, blah. And he's just the opposite."

As it turns out, Cook has a very impressive net worth. Keep scrolling to find out what he does for a living and how much he and his family are worth.

Karl Cook is the son of a billionaire

Other than being married to Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook is famous in his own right. He's an accomplished professional equestrian, who won first place in both the $25,500 SmartPak Grand Prix and the $15,000 UltrOz Jumper in 2016 (per Elle). According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cook is worth a whopping $100 million. Not too shabby for a man who rides horses for a living.

On top of all that, he comes from a wealthy family... like billionaire status wealthy. His dad, Scott Cook, founded finance software firm Intuit — known for launching products like TurboTax and Mint — in 1983 and has an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion in 2021, according to Forbes. It's safe to assume Cook will likely inherit his family's massive fortune one day, adding on to his already impressive net worth.

With his and Cuoco's money, the couple bought a $11.75 million home a guard-gated community in Hidden Hills, Calif. in 2020, according to Variety, and Architectural Digest also reports Cook owns "the sprawling Pomponio Ranch" in Rancho Santa Fe.