The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of FBI

Since 2018, the CBS law enforcement procedural show FBI has taken viewers inside the clandestine and elite world of high-level government agents working out of the New York City office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Usually investigating cases that involve organized crime and terrorism, FBI is like a Law & Order but about complex criminal networks, which tracks because co-creator Dick Wolf also launched Law & Order.

FBI's cast is full of friendly faces from popular TV sitcoms and dramas of the past few decades, making those actors all the more familiar to regular viewers. And as they watch these actors solve crimes, save the day, and catch really bad people week after week, they form even greater attachments and want to know about their personal lives, and who these partnered up fictional officers of the law are partnered up with off-screen. Here are some of the current (and past) relationships and marriages in the personal lives of the cast of FBI.

Jeremy Sisto briefly dated Reese Witherspoon before settling down with Addie Lane

Before he started playing Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine on FBI, Jeremy Sisto was best known for his work as Detective Cyrus Lupo in the latter seasons of Law & Order. In a 2015 Reddit "Ask Me Anything," Sisto talked about the first actress he ever dated, connecting with her on the set of the 1992 made-for-TV movie Desperate Choices: To Save My Child. The young woman: Reese Witherspoon. That's right, long before Witherspoon's marriage to Ryan Phillippe (whom she shares a daughter with) and subsequent divorce, the actor met Sisto while playing boyfriend and girlfriend on screen. Eventually, a real-life romance developed, albeit a long-distance one. "Then she went to Africa to do a movie," Sisto recalled.

Witherspoon "didn't call" often, prompting Sisto to couple up with actor Marisa Ryan. By the time Witherspoon came back to the U.S. and wanted to see Sisto, the actor had already married Ryan. According to the New York Post, that marriage lasted all of two days before the couple separated — they'd gotten married on a whim in Las Vegas. In 2002, nine years after the fact, they finally, legally divorced.

That left Sisto open to marrying Addie Lane, a production associate who worked on the HBO series The Mind of the Married Man. The pair wed in 2009, according to People, four months after the birth of their daughter, Charlie. (Three years later, they had a son.)

Missy Peregrym and Zachary Levi were married for less than a year

Two rising stars hit TV in the fall of 2007 on two high-concept, well-received youth-oriented shows. Missy Peregrym co-starred as love interest Andi on Reaper, The CW's show about a slacker caught up in a deal with the devil, while Zachary Levi headlined Chuck, an action-comedy about a guy who accidentally downloads top secret info into his brain. Reaper lasted two seasons and Chuck became a little-watched cult favorite, while Peregrym and Levi moved on to other projects — like Peregrym, who stars on FBI as Special Agent Maggie Bell — and also each other. According to TMZ, the actors secretly wed in Hawaii in June 2014. The following December, less than a year into the marriage, Peregrym filed for divorce, and in the paperwork noted that the couple separated the previous December, meaning they were officially wed for all of six months.

According to People, Peregrym remarried in December 2018. Her second, and now easily longest-lasting marriage, is to producer and actor Tom Oakley, who appeared in American Horror Story and on the Australian drama series Out of the Blue.

Zeeko Zaki is dating a model and photographer

Since the beginning of FBI in 2018, Zeeko Zaki has portrayed Special Agent Omar Adam Zidan, or just O.A., a West Point grad and former Army Ranger who serves as Maggie Bell's field partner. Landing the role of O.A. was a career breakthrough for Zaki, an Egyptian-American actor previously resigned to typecasting. "I was playing terrorists, I was playing bad guys," Zaki told Harper's Bazaar. "If an intimidating Arab character came across my agent's desk, it was pretty much a no-brainer." O.A. is one of the few Arab-American protagonists on TV, and Zaki one of the few actors with a similar background.

Launched to fame by FBI, Zaki racked up tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, where he dropped some hints of a romantic relationship in December 2020. The young woman with whom he was pictured is Samantha Schneiter, a photographer, model, and budding Instagram pro in the influencer world.

John Boyd's wife has been acting longer than he has

John Boyd plays a certain type, and he plays it well: focused, capable men of the law on network crime dramas. Boyd portrayed counterterrorism agent Arlo Glass on a season of 24, FBI agent James Aubrey for three seasons of Bones, and since 2019, Special Agent Stuart Scola of the FBI on FBI.

Boyd locked down that stability in his private life, too. In 2012, according to The Knot, Boyd married Nicole Vicius in a small outdoor ceremony in Los Angeles. Vicius has been acting for longer than Boyd and has amassed more credits, including small roles in the movies Half Nelson and (500) Days of Summer. From the looks of Boyd's Instagram page, it would seem that he and Vicius lead a full and busy off-screen life to go with their prolific work in television and film — they're the parents of three young children.

Sela Ward ditched dating actors for Howard Sherman

From the early 1990s on, Sela Ward has been a reliable if not constant figure on network television dramas. She starred on NBC's soapy Sisters from 1991 to 1996, winning the first of her two Emmys, the other coming in 2001 for the romantic drama Once and Again. After lengthy stints on House, CSI: NY, and Graves, Ward put in a season on FBI as the just-about-to-retire Dana Mosier, Special Agent in Charge.

Back in the 1980s, according to Parade, Ward dated a couple of actors who also played fictional crime fighters: Richard Dean Anderson (the star of MacGyver) and Peter Weller (the man who became RoboCop). In 1991, she got set up on a blind date with Howard Sherman, a Harvard-educated businessman and entrepreneur. They married the next year and moved back to Ward's hometown of Meridian, Miss., from where Sherman launched a U.S. Senate campaign. (He lost in the 2018 Democratic primary runoff.)

Alana de la Garza married her friend of seven years

Alana de la Garza is a veteran of nighttime broadcast television, particularly crime procedurals. Before taking on the role of Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille in the first season of FBI (and occasionally on the spinoff FBI: Most Wanted), de la Garza portrayed SSA Clara Seger on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Jo Martinez on Forever, and ADA Connie Rubirosa in the final four seasons of Law and Order

It was during her time on that long-running series when de la Garza got married. In May 2008, according to The TV Guy, she married writer and producer Mike Roberts in Orlando, which was also the city where they'd met, and forged a friendship that lasted for seven years before things turned romantic. According to People, de la Garza and Roberts started a family in 2018, with the actor giving birth to son Kieran Thomas. Two years later, a baby daughter named Liv Elena made the family "complete," as de la Garza told People.