The Real Meaning Behind Country Again By Thomas Rhett

It seems like Thomas Rhett stayed pretty busy during the COVID-19 pandemic, dropping a double album in April 2021. And judging by the lyrics in the album's titular single "Country Again," he also spent the year re-evaluating his life and priorities, which we find pretty relatable, to be honest.

The new track opens right off the bat with some hardcore country nostalgia, "I quit huntin' with my daddy, guess I didn't make the time. And it's been a year since I've seen a deer and a smallmouth on the line." Country again, indeed.

According to some country music fans and critics, The 2020 ACM's co-winner for Entertainer of the Year's last few albums haven't been what they'd call "country" at all, and Rhett himself has cited Bruno Mars as a primary musical influence. Well, it would appear that the singer-songwriter is more than ready to make a hard pivot away from pop music.

So, how literally should one take the words in "Country Again?" Keep reading to hear what he has to say.

Thomas Rhett explains where the Country Again lyrics came from

When talking about his new album, Thomas Rhett said that it was about his own "crazy journey ... out into the world" and, more importantly, what brought him back to his roots, according to The Country Daily. He said he is now, "more centered and content than ever, with a deep understanding for what's important in life."

And that's really what "Country Again," the song, is about too. "I think this song really is about my life. Just slowing down and really trying to look at the priorities in my life and what they mean to me. And realizing that it's okay just to stop for a second. It's okay to just to live simple and to really put your priorities at the top of your list — the ones that are most important to you," he said. "For me, that's becoming a better dad, a better husband, a better friend, a better son, a better brother, and really getting back to my roots a little bit and what all that entails." Sounds like Rhett is one country star for whom the simple life is of utmost importance. 

Or, in the words of the song, "I wouldn't change the things I've done, or the places that I've been. But man it feels good to be country again."