The Truth About Moneybagg Yo's Girlfriend, Ari Fletcher

As the Internet age continues to progress, social media is working to become more than just a distraction. For many, it's become a primary or secondary source of income, as influencer culture has become a phenomenon in today's society. Believe it or not, it's just that easy for many top influencers — dress cute, snap a photo, and promote different brands. 

One of Instagram's top influencers, Ari Fletcher (born Ariana Fletcher), understands her leverage of social media. You may know the Chicago native best by her social media handles, therealkylesister and AriTheDon. With over 4 million followers on her Instagram, Fletcher's fortunes comes from monetizing her posts, earning her almost $150,000 alone, per Afro Tech. In addition to her Instagram posts, Fletcher's love life is often the topic of headlines, which seemingly adds to her celebrity. Before her relationship with rapper Moneybagg Yo, Fletcher previously dated boxer Gervonta Davis and rapper G Herbo, with whom she shares a son, Yosohn Santana Wright, with. If you're looking to find out just who Ari Fletcher is, read on!

Ari Fletcher's Instagram handle is inspired by her late brother

Just from one glimpse on Ari Fletcher's social media pages, it's easy to assume that she's been used to glitz and glamour her whole life. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Like any normal human being, the social media influencer faced many traumas in her life — including the death of her brother Kyle Jamison. Per Distractify, Jamison died in 2013. The cause of death has not been confirmed by Fletcher, who says the details are "too painful." Fletcher previously alluded to the special bond she shared with her brother on several occasions, which makes sense why her Instagram handle is named after him. She also has a tattoo of his face on her arm.

In May 2020, she shared a fan-generated tribute to Jamison on her Instagram account. She captioned the post, "Forever missing you, my everything! #KyleSister." In the video, the influencer can be heard explaining that she chose her Instagram handle because she wants his "name to live on forever. So you can't even speak on me without speaking about him." There is no greater love than the love you share with your family, and Fletcher's heartwarming love for her brother prevails as her brand continuously grows. 

Ari Fletcher experimented with this plastic surgery procedure

Over the decades, plastic surgery has become less and less of a taboo discussion in society, especially amount influencers. While some aren't ready to admit to going under the knife for the "perfect" body, Ari Fletcher isn't afraid to admit she's gotten work done in the past.In a September 2020 Instagram Live (via OnSite! TV), the video vixen admitted to getting a special kind of breast augmentation. Fletcher explained her procedure, Orbix Breast Supporting System, which uses a silicon insert that is slipped between the breast tissue and muscle to provide a stable and long lasting lift. It's not approved by the FDA yet, and some questions still remain, but it's a sign of the breast lift's increasing popularity as a procedure. It is not approved by the FDA, as of this writing, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

"I got a revision done, they are closer together, I got a breast lift, and I got a permanent bra inside my chest," She said. "That's why it hurt so bad." Sounds pretty painful, but that's the cost of beauty, right?