What You Don't Know About Ashley Olsen's Strange Relationship

Full House (1987-95) star Ashley Olsen has long been one half of America's favorite twins, but as she's gotten older, she has embraced a more mature persona—taking on unusual relationships with men nearly twice her age. Her most recent romance is with financier Richard Sachs, and there's a lot you should know about their strange pairing.

Sachs is 28 years her senior

Hollywood relationships have their fair share of age gaps. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have about 11 years between them. Michael Douglas is about 25 years older than wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. But Olsen, who celebrated her 30th birthday in 2016, may take the cake when it comes to dating older men because Sachs is about 28 years her senior—old enough to be her father!

A source for Page Six described him as a "very rich, ancient man." While wealth is always a welcome addition to a relationship, Olsen isn't exactly strapped for cash. In fact, she's one of the most successful child stars to come out of Hollywood with an estimated net worth of $200 million. While most of us are searching for discount purses at Target and Forever21, Olsen totes around a $30,000 crocodile bag like it's no big deal. That means the "ancient" status must be a pull for the young twin, right?

Though we all know that age is just a number, we've got to admit that dating someone twice your age is a little odd. Let's put this situation into perspective: while Olsen was first stepping into the role of spunky sweetheart Michelle Tanner on the set of Full House—at just 6 months old—her beau was celebrating his 29th birthday, likely having already graduated from college and launched his career. In fact, had he wanted to, Sachs could have spawned a full house of his own by that point.

They're moving fast

Spending the holidays together is a huge relationship milestone. It's the unofficial marker of a serious, long-term relationship. Even though Olsen has only been seen publicly with Sachs since early November 2016, their coupling seems be progressing quickly. While we can't attest to how they spent Thanksgiving Day (hopefully watching old holiday episodes of Full House), we do know that Olsen and Sachs traveled to St. Barts together for the 2016 holiday weekend. According to a source for Entertainment Tonight, the pair stayed at Sachs's island villa and "went for daily romantic walks on hills near the villa, where they were seen talking, listening to music and flirting." Sounds like the perfect way to relax with your partner!

But, interestingly enough, Olsen was linked to another older man just a few month prior to that Caribbean getaway. In August 2016, she was spotted having dinner with the famous painter George Condo in New York. According to Page Six, Olsen and her former flame packed on the PDA. One source dished, "It looked like she was dining with her grandpa, but they were holding hands and snuggling." Apparently this relationship must have fizzled out, but exactly when or why that occurred is unclear. Olsen may have jumped ship from a relationship with Condo to one with Sachs in a matter of months or even weeks.

This isn't the first time she's dated older men

While it's nice to think Olsen and Sachs's love transcends the traditional bounds of age and mutual generational experiences, we don't think that's the case. Olsen has a track record when it comes to dating older guys. In fact, she's almost exclusively dated older men since she left her acting days behind—though most have not been quite as mature as Sachs.

Besides her relationship with Condo, who is about 28 years her senior, Olsen was previously linked to Moneyball (2011) director Bennett Miller, who is about 19 years older, and business big wig David Schulte, who has a 17-year head start on birthdays. Consequently, her relationship with the much older Sachs is hardly surprising. What's not clear is if she's attracted to the older men's wisdom and experience or to their mature, weathered appearances. Whatever the case, it's good to know what you like in a relationship, right? We just wonder what she talks about on first dates. It must be hard to find common ground when you were born decades apart.

They have very different careers

Everyone remembers Olsen as the youngest Tanner sister on Full House and, of course, the dozens of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies that were released throughout her teen years, but this Olsen twin has left her acting days behind in order to focus on fashion design. Olsen and her twin sister cemented their place in the industry by launching luxury brands The Row and Elizabeth and James in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

Sachs, on the other hand, earned his fortune as a financier but has since turned to a career in the arts. While not an artist himself—as far as we know—Olsen's beau is an experienced art dealer. According to Page Six (via Cosmopolitan), Sachs is considered a "bigwig in the art space." Maybe the couple finds art interesting, whether it's in the form of a new dress design or a masterpiece to hang over the mantel. Either way, it's clear their roads to riches were miles apart.

They're extremely elusive

This is one celebrity couple that doesn't crave the spotlight. Olsen has been known to shy away from the camera since her youth. She refused to resume her role in the Full House spin-off, Fuller House, in 2016 because, according to People, she, "[doesn't] feel comfortable acting." By that extension, it's reasonable to assume this twin would want to keep things rather low-key, and her beau seems to feel the same way. There's not much information available about the businessman, who steers clear of social media and pop culture.

Olsen and Sachs have only been photographed together by the paparazzi on a handful of occasions, such as their beach vacation or this double date with her sister at a basketball game. As a couple with high-end tastes and a penchant for travel, it seems unlikely these two would hide away in their homes if they're happy in their relationship. While Olsen doesn't regularly grace the red carpet anymore, it does seem odd that the two don't attend any major events together. If they were willing to share the holidays, why won't they make more public appearances with one another? Pretty please?

Olsen's relationship mirrors her sister's romance

Ashley and Mary-Kate share more than just a fondness for fashion and a head for business. The twin sisters also appear to harbor a mutual affection for older men. Mary-Kate made waves in 2012 for dating Frenchman Olivier Sarkozy, a man about 18 years her senior. The couple married in an intimate—and somewhat odd—ceremony in 2015. Looking at Mary-Kate and Sarkozy, it's clear to see some similarities in Ashley's relationship with Sachs.

For one, the Olsens' men are close in age. While Sachs is about ten years older than Sarkozy, both are old enough to have fathered kids who could have been classmates with their lovers. They're also dark-haired, tall (not a tough feat compared to the notoriously tiny twins), wealthy, and cultured. In fact, Sachs and Sarkozy even share similar careers. Sarkozy made his fortune as a banker; Sachs in finance. Something tells us the Olsen twins appreciate a man who has his affairs in order.

Will they marry?

If Olsen's relationship continues to follow in the footsteps of her sister's, it's only a matter of time until she and Sachs tie the knot. But don't expect a rock on her finger anytime soon. Mary-Kate dated Sarkozy for nearly three years before getting engaged, and with Sachs's divorce history, he may be hesitant to head to the chapel anytime soon. Ultimately, only time will tell if these lovebirds are meant to be, but we are definitely rooting for their happiness.