The Truth About Courtney From The Circle

The Circle on Netflix is the hit reality show that has been described as Big Brother meets Catfish. Contestants are sequestered in a building, but each of them stay in their own apartment and communicate with one another through an app as they vie for a chance at $100,000. The players can leverage their anonymity to lie about who they are. In the first season, 25-year-old Joey Sasso was able to take home the grand prize, while being forthright about his identity the entire time, per Bustle.

Creators of The Circle added a wrinkle for season 2 by introducing celebrity contestants into the fold. Too Hot To Handle's Chloe Veitch played as herself, which caused others to question whether it was actually her. "To involve a celebrity heavily in the game, that came from the network and we all loved it," Tim Harcourt, the show's executive producer told Variety in April 2021. "It's a risk for her, playing as herself. Is she real? Is she a catfish?" Harcourt said about Veitch.

Another potential celebrity profile was created for "Lance" who was listed as a 41-year-old entertainer. Several contestants assumed it was NSYNC's Lance Bass, but the real contestant is the singer's assistant, Lisa Delcampo, per Variety. "The purpose of the game has remained the same... to make them show their strategic hands and alliances," Harcourt said. 

Courtney Revolution also happens to be one of season 2's most intriguing players, but who is he really? 

Courtney Revolution lied in his profile

Courtney Revolution lists his occupation as a barista on his profile. "I'm a coffee slinging hero. I love to laugh and I live my life loud out and proud" (via Marie Claire). He was honest about his identity, but concealed his true occupation in order to throw fellow contestants off from his journalistic capabilities. 

In reality, Courtney is an online personality with experience hosting YouTube shows and a podcast. The Circle contestant had an opportunity to attend fashion school, but turned that down to pursue his dream of making it in the entertainment business, as revealed to VoyageLA in a September 2020 interview. Courtney was an intern at Disney World, and had another day job working at Panera until he applied to be a pop culture correspondent for Hollyscoop. "My passion for entertaining developed once I discovered the internet, and one of my first loves – YouTube," he told the outlet.

Eventually, the on-air personality created his own YouTube show The Green Chair Chats. Courtney also started a celeb-centric podcast with his best friend Phylesha Hiers called Overheard in the Pantry, where they "discuss everything under the sun – celebrities, horoscopes, falling in love, death" (via VoyageLA).

In addition to his YouTube and podcast content, Courtney is active on Instagram where he keeps followers entertained with funny pics that show off his outgoing personality, while also promoting his projects.