The Small Detail Meghan Markle Added To Prince Philip's Funeral

Meghan Markle was unable to attend Prince Philip's funeral, which was held at St. George's Chapel on April 17, 2021. The Duchess of Sussex is pregnant with her second child, and was not cleared to travel by her physician, according to People magazine. The outlet reported that Meghan watched the service on television from the home she shares with Prince Harry in Montecito, California. Meanwhile, Harry made the trip to across the pond following his grandfather's death, returning to the UK for the first time since he and Meghan left in March 2020. This also marks the first time that Harry has seen the royal family in more than 12 months. 

It is believed that Meghan had a fondness for Philip. Although she could not attend the services, she wanted to be sure to add her own special touch. According to People, she and Harry "provided a wreath that has been laid for the Duke of Edinburgh." However, that's not all that Meghan did to honor Philip. Keep reading to find out the sentimental thing that was added at Meghan's request.

Meghan Markle included a hand-written note to accompany the wreath

The wreath that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ordered for Prince Philip's funeral was carefully crafted. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex "specifically requested for it to include Acanthus mollis (Bear's breeches), the national flower of Greece, to represent Prince Philip's heritage; and eryngium (sea holly), to represent the Royal Marines. The wreath also features campanula to represent gratitude and everlasting love, rosemary to signify remembrance, lavender for devotion, and roses in honor of June being The Duke of Edinburgh's birth month," according to People magazine. The wreath included a personal touch from the Duchess of Sussex herself. She crafted a hand-written note to accompany the arrangement. The written text was not made public.

According to the Independent, the wreath was designed by Willow Crossley, who was responsible for the floral arrangements at Harry and Meghan's 2018 wedding, which was also held at St. George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. According to Yahoo! News, Crossley was also hired to do the floral arrangements for the christening of Harry and Meghan's son, Archie.

Prince Philip welcomed Meghan Markle into the family

Prince Philip was a European royal born in Greece, but he was seen as an outsider when he joined the British monarchy. Because of his outsider status, Philip tried to welcome new members to the royal family. "Observers say he welcomed new royals, like Princess Diana and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, because he knew 'what it's like to be the new boy on the block or the new girl on the block and suddenly come into this family with all their strange protocols,'" as royal biographer Ingrid Seward explained to Us Weekly.

However, serving the UK was important to Prince Philip, and Seward told Vanity Fair his mantra was, "The monarchy comes first, second, and third." So one might assume Philip did not approve of Harry and Meghan's decision to step back from their duties. As for the supposed truth? Prince Philip's biographer Gyles Brandreth claimed the duke made peace with Harry and Meghan's decision, telling ITV News (via TODAY), "He said to me: 'People have got to lead their lives as they think best.'"

Meghan Markle wants to put differences aside

It seems like the special wreath for Prince Philip is one way Meghan Markle is trying to smooth the waters with her husband's family. The Sun reported that Meghan is "ready to forgive" the royal family for past misunderstandings and wants to "put differences aside." According to The Sun, Meghan "adored" Prince Philip, and the two had a special bond.

Her doctors did not clear the Duchess of Sussex for travel for Philip's funeral, but her absence might be a good thing for the royal brothers. Meghan is a polarizing figure in the UK, as she is a favorite target for the British tabloids. The Daily Mail reported that Meghan wanted to be at the service for Harry's grandfather but was afraid she might cause a distraction, with a source close to Meghan telling the Daily Mail, "Meghan said her main concern right now is supporting Harry. The insider continued, "Meghan said it's during these times when family should come together, put their differences aside and unite as one. She said this is what Prince Philip would want and that she's willing to forgive and move forward."

Queen Elizabeth appears to understand why the Duchess of Sussex can't attend the funeral. Sources close to Meghan told People, "It was always a given that Harry would return to England for his grandfather's passing. Meghan expressed condolences. The Queen understands why she can't travel at the moment."