Inside Marla Maples' Life Today

Donald Trump's wife, family, and exes are still conversation starters following Trump's exit from the White House. Voters on both sides of the aisle may be curious about the famous family's post-presidency life and whereabouts. Donald and Melania Trump went directly from Washington, D.C. to the Mar-a-Lago club and resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Most of the Trump kids weren't far behind them, as Donald Jr., Ivanka, Tiffany, and Barron all headed down to the Sunshine State post-presidency, too. Donald's son, Eric Trump, and his family, still reside in New York, as of this writing. 

While married to Ivana Trump, Donald Trump had an affair with actor and model Marla Maples. The drama took place back in the 1990s, but Maples remains one of the most intriguing individuals connected to the former president. She was already accustomed to attention after competing in beauty pageants, and Maples' acting career has always given the Georgia native another layer of fame. But beyond the associations most people attach to her, Maples has a whole other identity, and multiple projects in progress at once, that might surprise those who have followed the Trump family for years. Here's a look at Marla Maples' life today. 

Why Marla Maples will always be tied to Donald Trump

Most people know that Donald Trump was married twice before he wed Melania Trump. The former president had his first three children with Ivana Trump, his fourth with Marla Maples, and his fifth with Melania. Marla and Donald are the parents of Tiffany Trump, so even though the exes divorced in 1999, Marla will always be tied to Donald through Tiffany. 

Tiffany Trump is a Georgetown Law graduate, who, in January 2021, got engaged to Michael Boulos, a businessman with a Regent's University London bachelor's degree and a City, University of London master's degree. Like Tiffany, Michael is ambitious and comes from great wealth — and Tiffany's mom approves of her daughter's beau. "I adore Michael!" Marla told Town & Country

In January 2021, Vanity Fair posed the question, "Is Marla Maples Hopping on the Trump Train to Florida?" The headline followed other reports that Tiffany was looking for a home in Miami and that Marla was spotted there, too, lunching with her friends and strolling through the open-air Bal Harbour shops. After the January outing, some wondered if she was considering moving to Florida with Tiffany and the rest of the Trumps. 

Florida eventually called to Marla Maples, too

In March 2021, Marla Maples answered the Florida question by sharing a post on Instagram about her next steps. She posed with her new Florida driver's license and wrote, "Transitioning to a new life adventure with so much joy and gratitude." Maples states that she drove around the country searching for "the best place to live, work & have loving community," and her prayers brought her to Florida. The star explained, "I awoke at 5 AM knowing I must pray at sunrise for an answer. That same day I found my new home." Her decision was guided by Jesus and by her late mother. Smiling under her cowgirl hat, Maples notes that she looks like she's going to "Texas or Nashville," both of which "were in the running."

Since the March 9 Instagram announcement, Maples has shared several other pictures and videos of beach life. She seems to be at one with nature, and it's possible that the mom wants to stay close to Tiffany Trump to help with wedding planning. On April 2, Maples took her Instagram followers on a quick tour of her empty New York home. With a gorgeous view behind her, Maples said, "New York, I love you, but it's time to move on. Change is really good for the soul, for the heart, letting go of what you need to release, starting anew, right here at the time of Easter."

Marla Maples advocates for cancer research, awareness, and a cure

After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Marla Maples became an advocate for cancer research and awareness. Maples and Tiffany Trump were close to Marla's mother, who died in 2014. In 2017, they had brunch at the grandma's favorite spot (on what would have been her 76th birthday) in Central Park. Maples shared the photo on Instagram, where Tiffany can be seen holding a photo of her grandmother as homecoming queen. Also in 2017, the mom and daughter attended a luncheon and fashion show for the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award. City of Hope is a center for cancer treatment and research. In support of the event, Maples told Page Six, "There has been a lot of cancer in my family. My mother had breast cancer, and it eventually moved into her brain. One of the things that I have to remember my mother by are her Chanel purses. I inherited a bunch so when I do go out it is very likely that I have my Chanel bag at my side. ... It helps to keep my mother's memory close." 

Marla Maples also endorsed a docuseries about cancer cures, called Quest for the Cures [FINAL CHAPTER], presented by The Truth About Cancer. She is quoted on the documentary project's website: "Please be kind to yourself. You are worthy of great love. Watch this docuseries and learn the truth that sets you free to live an abundant and happy, healthy life."

Let Marla Maples guide you to spiritual, mental, and physical wellness

A quick look at Marla Maples' Instagram page shows that she is quite invested in her spirituality and regularly engages in prayer and meditation. Her website further explains Maples' approach: "Marla describes her recent project, 'SoulShine Journeys' as a way to provide people who may be searching for a higher purpose to 'shed what they need to shed and shift into their highest good.'"

Spiritually, it appears that Maples practices syncretism, a way of blending multiple faiths or religious beliefs. Per STL Jewish Light, she has been linked to Christianity, Judaism, and a Hollywood favorite, Kabbalah. It seems Maples' spirituality influences her nutrition as well, as she writes on her website, "I am a vegan, yet part-time carnivore (lol!), gluten-free, dairy-free, Kosher style eater – and that's just my diet!" She goes on to say, "Beyond organic food, natural health and wellness is more than just a passion, it's the core of my lifestyle, beliefs, and values. Grateful to be able to share more about this important foundation of my life with you..." The wellness practitioner is interested in all sorts of natural healing methods and wants to help ease people's anxiety through social media offerings, like a quick stretch, a Kabbalah lesson, or a global meditation. Those who are interested can see a couple of guided meditation videos on her site, too.

You can also catch Marla Maples on Cameo

Marla Maples is one of thousands of celebrities available on Cameo, a website where fans can purchase personalized video messages for themselves or for loved ones. Maples' Cameo videos cost $90, she will send direct text messages for $9.99, and patrons can join her fan club for free. Interested shoppers can see some of the actor's videos publicly and will find that she puts the payments towards charity and typically responds to requests in two days, although 24-hour delivery is available. People looking to purchase a Cameo from Marla Maples will want to know that she has numerous 5-star reviews on her page. She looks quite happy to film birthday greetings, anniversary wishes, and words of encouragement. 

Maples' Cameo account was featured in an episode of "Talk Ain't Cheap," a podcast in which married couple Jensen Karp and Danielle Fishel analyze various Cameos made by celebrities and public figures. Karp and Fishel discuss the fairness of pricing, quality of videos, and comedic or confusing moments. When they came to Maples, the hosts quickly introduced one of Maples' songs, "The Pearl," and played the New-Age 2013 tune multiple times as an inside joke amid Cameo analysis. Karp and Fishel poked some fun at Maples' Cameo offerings — namely the "intense" way she sometimes prays during them — but the pair did praise her youthful essence, the fact that she contributes her revenue to charity, and declared her Cameo a "great deal." 

Is Marla Maples still creating new music?

In an interview to promote her 2021 movie, The Birthday Cake, Marla Maples said that "The Pearl," the track from her 2013 album The Endless, is about "the female soul's journey through time." She added, "My dad is quite prophetic, and he always calls my daughter 'The Pearl.'" The singer emphasized becoming more beautiful over time, and she's open to making new music. 

Maples includes a section for music on her website but has not released any new albums since 2013. The Endless is described as "a musical journey of spiritual awakening and transformational energy, featuring thought leaders like His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith, & others." Prior to that album, Maples released a few songs through her One World of Love Benefit Album, a project with which she desired to "inspire peace, love, and unity through music." She performed the title track at Carnegie Hall in conjunction with her philanthropy for the "Turn Up the Peace" benefit concert in 2011.

Although Maples hasn't publicized any new music since 2013, her work as a singer/songwriter is still a successful part of her life. She even won a Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2012 for Best New Age/Ambient song ("House of Love" from The Endless). As Maples enjoys a fresh chapter of her life, maybe she will be inclined to work on some new songs that reflect where she is spiritually and emotionally.

Marla Maples is still a working actor as well

When it comes to the arts, Marla Maples is multitalented. The singer and actor graced the Broadway stage in the early 1990s for The Will Rogers Follies, and performed in Love, Loss, and What I Wore in 2011 off-Broadway. While promoting the latter production, Maples told that it was "just like heaven being back in the Broadway community." She felt that her return to New York at the time clarified her desire to work as an actor and said, "I love the creative arts, and I want to be able to express myself through those mediums." Some know Maples better for her work on screen, which goes all the way back to the late 1980s. She had guest roles on shows including Dallas, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Spin City, and The Nanny. The actor was also in several holiday movies, including the 1997 TV rom-com classic The Christmas List.

Marla Maples worked steadily in entertainment through the 2000s and 2010s, including talk show appearances and hosting. She was even a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2016 and was partnered with Tony Dovolani. The star has a new project on the horizon, called The Birthday Cake, which is in post-production as of spring 2021. The film is a crime drama thriller starring Ewan McGregor and releases in June 2021.

She's hosted her own podcast since 2009

As with everything in her life, Marla Maples' podcast is an extension of her spirituality and philosophy. "Awakening with Marla Maples" goes all the way back to 2009 on iTunes, with the latest episode, as of this writing, being an April 2020 discussion on adjusting one's "state of mind." The podcast gave a platform to all kinds of healers, gurus, doctors, astrologers, and coaches across its 70 episodes. The iTunes description emphasizes Marla Maples' heart for "unity in the world" and "hope to all" as she helps "lift others to reach their highest spiritual potential." 

It appears that she might have turned her attention away from the podcast to focus on a new project called SoulShine Journeys. Her website doesn't make SoulShine's purpose entirely clear, but Majorca Daily Bulletin calls it a "spiritual travel service." Maples visited Mallorca and filmed wellness experiences for the SoulShine section of her site. The pandemic likely altered her plans for the travel service. 

Marla Maples is quite the entrepreneur

It's obvious that Marla Maples walks, talks, eats, and breathes her own brand of personal wellness. She also sells it on her website. The star's passion for a healthy lifestyle extends to the products she promotes, and her site is full of supplements, mindfulness tools, and immune boosters. Marla writes, "Shop my favorite products that I use to keep my mind and body as healthy as possible." She offers a promo code for the health products, which link out to, and sells nutritional and mindfulness items through other companies. One of the most surprising offerings is a "love tuner," which the site describes as "a single tone flute that aligns ourselves with the 528 Hz frequency. The Love Frequency." 

To add to the health and wellness fare, Maples is a beauty partner with Nu Skin and a purveyor of books, including "Outwitting the Devil" by Napoleon Hill and "The Little Soul & the Sun" by Neale Donald Walsch.

One of her alternative wellness opinions sparked controversy

Critics could argue that Marla Maples' enthusiasm for a healthy life can be positive at times, but her methods aren't always grounded in science. For example, she has put forth some rather unorthodox ideas when it comes to protection against COVID-19. The Daily Beast took a look at the wellness practitioner's Instagram and reported that Marla has recommended "Vitamin C IV drips, morning prayer, and an idiosyncratic hand-washing method in which she pours a mug of water on her hands without soap."

The concern goes far beyond Maples' home remedies. The Daily Beast also pointed out that while Maples hasn't offered much of a "political" opinion about the coronavirus, CNN reporter Betsy Klein captured and shared an image from Maples' temporary IG stories, in which she supported a debunked vaccine conspiracy theory about Bill Gates that was spread, in part, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a since-deleted Instagram post. Marla Maples shared the post and added, "Education is key...Ask questions...Dig deeper..." in her temporary story. Some aspects of Maples' life and work are commendable, but spreading fake news is not. There is more to Marla Maples than one idea, quote, or wellness practice, and the actor continues to surprise onlookers with each step she takes.