Allison McClain Merrill

Jacksonville University, Yale University
Television, Entertainment, Nostalgia, Popular Culture
  • Allison McClain Merrill has loved television her entire life. She watches a broad range of sitcoms, dramas, docuseries, and more.
  • Nostalgia is Allison McClain Merrill's passion project, especially where it concerns kids' television programming. She loves to revisit retro TV shows, especially the Disney Channel shows and other sitcom reruns she watched growing up.
  • Allison McClain Merrill remains fascinated by popular culture. She loves to ponder the music, movies, series, fashion trends, and other media that have defined decades.


Allison McClain Merrill's writing career began in academia. She has presented papers at many conferences on topics in music, literature, religion, and media. Allison's freelance work also covers a range of disciplines. She has previously written for digital media outlets like Screen Rant, where she analyzed films, streaming services, television history, and more. Allison also maintains a nostalgia blog and has appeared on several podcasts.


In 2016, Allison McClain Merrill earned two Bachelor's degrees, one in music education and one in English. With these majors, she educated others and developed her own research interests, which led her to a Master's degree from Yale Divinity School and Yale Institute of Sacred Music (completed in 2019).
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