Machine Gun Kelly's New Tattoo Is Raising Eyebrows

It may be an understatement to say Machine Gun Kelly loves tattoos, but the guy loves tattoos. According to one report, he's at 77 and counting, and while it seems he may finally be running out of room, he's not letting that slow him down. As Men's Health reported in March 2021, when the rapper and singer decided he wanted to add to his arm with another tattoo from artist DotsToLines, the artist actually tattooed on top of one of his earlier designs. But unlike the "big, dark raven" that was used as a cover-up on his torso, this one incorporated the previous ink.

MGK has been getting creative with his placements, as well as using any blank skin he can find. His most recent tattoo, added to his collection in April 2021, is in an unexpected place, to say the least. The only thing more surprising than the placement is its design, which is raising eyebrows. While its inspiration is unknown, it may actually be a tribute to girlfriend Megan Fox. 

The pair has previously teased the fact that they've gotten each other's names tattooed, per Entertainment Tonight, and when Fox arrived at the AMAs in November 2020, fans were convinced her collarbone ink was a reference to her beau. The design reads 'el pistolero,' and as one Twitter user noted, it's "Spanish for the gunman aka Machine Gun Kelly!!!" Now, could it be that MGK has gone ahead and gotten yet another tribute to his "twin flame"?

What's going on with Machine Gun Kelly's latest ink?

Machine Gun Kelly may be no stranger to getting inked, and though his fans are used to him adding to his extensive body of work, the singer's latest design has shocked many. 

Taking to Instagram on April 20, 2021, MGK shared a snap of the show-stopping red line that now runs down the front of his neck with the caption, "Bye bye neck." The tattoo is a thin line done completely in red, which looks like a very real cut down his throat. As producer Einer Bankz commented on the pic, he "thought that was a legit slice in [Kelly's] neck." Other comments show just how taken aback some followers were, including, "I just wanna know why" and "mate what are [you] doin." Not taking himself too seriously is the answer. The post also includes a video of the rapper lying back in a chair right before the tattooing begins and joking, "If anyone has ever liked my neck, it's gonna look different."

So what's the meaning behind the bloody line? Back in February, MGK celebrated Valentine's Day by sharing a number of snaps of himself with girlfriend Megan Fox on Instagram in which he claimed, "I wear your blood around my neck." In the carousel, he showed off a necklace that appeared to have a drop of blood in it, so it may be that this is the musician's permanent way of documenting the fact that he takes Fox's blood with him everywhere he goes.