Inside John Wayne Bobbitt's Life Today

For all intents and purposes, John Wayne Bobbitt was just your average Joe John — until that fateful day in June 1993 when his scorned wife, then known as Lorena Bobbitt, opted to get mad and even. 

The story goes that soon after John drifted off to sleep, the disgruntled housewife promptly cut John's penis off with a kitchen knife before disposing of it in a field across from a 7-Eleven convenience store. 

It should be noted, however, that Lorena maintained during her trial that she was simply a battered wife at the hands of her husband and after one particular instance of being sexually assaulted by him, she simply snapped. She was later acquitted of all charges, per The New York Times.

Since then, it appears Lorena settled back into a normal life before ultimately taking part in a four-part docuseries produced by Jordan Peele (per Hollywood Reporter). John, however, simply wasn't ready to fade away quietly never to be heard from again. Keep reading to learn what he's up to now!

John Wayne Bobbitt now lives off of disability payments

After several attempts at securing a life of fame for himself, including a foray into the pornographic film industry and brief stints working at the infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch and for the Jim Rose Circus where he took part in a knife throwing act (very on brand, BTW), John Wayne Bobbitt is now living a much more modest, mundane lifestyle in Las Vegas where he makes a humble living off of disability payments issued to him by the government, per Vanity Fair. Reportedly he was awarded the disability settlement after injuring his neck in car accident in 2014. Bobbitt also claims he suffers from osteomyelitis — a bone infection that causes him painful ulcers.

Bobbitt is now content to spend his downtime in the Rocky Mountains hunting for Fenn Treasure, an assortment of gold and jewels that was initially discovered by Forrest Fenn per His plan if he ever finds said treasure? During the interview with Vanity Fair he revealed that he he hoped for an invitation to the White House so he could properly proclaim his support of then-president, Donald Trump. There's still no word yet on what he thinks about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and win by President Joe Biden.