The Truth About The Bachelorette's Tre Cooper

With Katie Thurston's "Bachelorette" season on the horizon, it's time to start taking a closer look at just who will be vying for her heart. Katie's "Bachelorette" suitors include men from a variety of ages and backgrounds, and it's anyone's guess who will end up with the final rose.

One of the men vying for Katie's heart is 26-year-old Tre Cooper from Covington, Georgia, per Reality Steve. Tre's Instagram is private (and apparently only has one post), but fans have still done some digging into the southerner and his background.

Without an Instagram bio or a LinkedIn page that we can confirm is Tre's, there's not a lot to go on just yet. But his Instagram profile picture appears to have been taken at a wedding, and he's grinning from ear to ear, which is a good sign! Knowing how to have fun is key to being a successful contestant in the "Bachelor" franchise, so it's nice to see a candid photo of Tre just living his life. Here's what else we know about the contestant so far.

Tre's hometown has a surprising claim to fame

If Katie Thurston ends up on a hometown date with Tre Cooper, they'll have quite the picturesque scene for it. Explore Georgia calls Covington "the real Mystic Falls," and it's a tourist destination for fans of "The Vampire Diaries." In fact, when Reality Steve shared Tre's photo and hometown, one fan responded on Twitter, "He's from where they filmed the vampire diaries! We stan!"

As Explore Georgia explained, plenty of other movies and TV shows have filmed in Covington, too. Tre might even have some fun celebrity sighting stories to share with Katie if they hit it off!

And as far as details about Tre go, it's possible that he played football in high school. A 2012 report from The Covington News mentions a player named Tre Cooper. But there are no photos accompanying the story, so we can't verify it's him. If Katie ends up falling for Tre, though, fans are sure to learn more about him very soon.