The Truth About The Bachelor's Katie Thurston

The Bachelor Season 25 premiere had fans buzzing from the very start of the episode. Matt James' journey began with contestant Katie Thurston telling him how she got through the isolation of the coronavirus pandemic with the help of her vibrator, which she brought with her as she stepped out of the limo. She immediately got a big laugh from Matt during their first conversation. Her vibrating accessory even got another chuckle out of Matt when it caught his eye after leading the group in a prayer. Katie definitely lightened the mood with her accessory of choice in addition to delivering a toast of her own and bringing some much-needed fun to the viewers. She continued the running joke on her own Instagram, saying that she was "creating a buzz on night one," which was true both literally and figuratively. 

Katie definitely made her mark on night one, but it's unclear where her Bachelor journey will go. Will she always be known as "vibrator girl" similar to the way that Alexis Waters will always be associated with her shark/dolphin costume that she wore on Nick Viall's season premiere? Or is the vibrator just her first move of many memorable TV moments à la Kaitlyn Bristowe, who started her Bachelor journey by telling farmer Chris Soules that he could "plow the f*** out of [her] field any day" (via PopSugar)? Kaitlyn herself predicted, "I think the vibrator girl goes far, If not becomes the next bachelorette," which is definitely a ringing endorsement. Here's what you should know about her. 

Katie Thurston wants to create 'the right vibe'

The vibrator gimmick was a big part of Katie Thurston's The Bachelor contestant bio, which teased that "it's all about creating the right vibe with Katie." Katie shared that she's "done wasting her time on boys" and she's looking for "a man who can laugh along with her but is okay with him laughing at her too when the moment calls for it," which perfectly plays into her initial dynamic with Matt James. 

Nevertheless, the Washington resident is taking her search for love very seriously, looking for "a mature man who has ambitions to succeed in everything he does." Specifically, she admitted, "nothing turns her off more than someone who sits around playing video games." She's also not a fan of any man who would try "to kiss her at the inopportune moment." With that said, it will be interesting to see which date(s) she's put on this season, since the reality TV franchise does have a history of putting contestants in uncomfortable positions. Most recently, for example, Ivan Hall and Tayshia Adams set a world record for kissing while submerged in ice water on The Bachelorette (via ABC).

If they're looking for uncomfortable situations for Katie, they might have to get creative; the contestant already said she would love to go skinny-dipping on a date. Beyond The Bachelor, the 29-year-old bank marketing manager would love to host a talk show, which most likely translates to her starting a podcast, which almost every Bachelor alum does at this point.

Katie Thurston compared herself to Becca Kufrin and Kristina Schulman

Although former The Bachelorette lead Kaitlyn Bristowe sees herself in The Bachelor contestant Katie Thurston, Katie has been hearing another comparison repeatedly. She shared a video montage on Instagram with photos of herself and former The Bachelor fan favorites Becca Kufrin and Kristina Schulman, writing, "When the internet won't stop comparing me to @kristinaschulman and @bkoof." One viewer tweeted, "I can't be the only one that felt the Kristina vibes from Katie." Nope, not the only one at all, not by a long shot. 

Another Bachelor fan shared photos of Katie, Becca, and Kristina to illustrate the comparison, which prompted someone else to reply, "When I saw the cast photos I texted my friend: Katie looks like Becca Kufrin and Kristina had a baby."

Katie also made a comparison to Saturday Night Live star Vanessa Bayer, sharing a faux advertisement, joking, "Everyone comparing me to @vanessabayer and I am here for it! Use code 'dildogirl' for 20% off!" With so many contestants to keep track of on night one, Katie definitely stood out from the pack. This time next year, fans might be comparing the newest cast members to Katie.

Katie Thurston is down to hook up with a ghost

Before meeting Matt James on The Bachelor, Katie Thurston shared a TikTok video she titled "I'd f**k a ghost." She admitted to "masturbating more than [she] normally [does]" explaining that she did so just because she "was bored." She even compared it to opening the fridge multiple times a day even though she knew that the "same stuff is in there" every single time she looked inside. Katie divulged, "I'm literally getting tired of getting off on my own."

Then, she recalled, "my phone fell off the nightstand by itself." Immediately, she thought to herself "that was a f**king ghost." Soon after, she thought "I wonder if ghosts can have sex." She added, "If this ghost wanted to f**k me like I would let him or her," confessing, "it'd be the most action I've had in months." Upon reflection, Katie realized "Casper was the first movie where I started feeling like tingly feelings over a cartoon."

Katie Thurston describes herself as a 'cat lady'

Anyone who's a fan of cat puns needs to click "follow" on Katie Thurston's Instagram profile immediately. In December 2020, she shared a selfie with a cat picture in the background, telling her followers that she's "feline good." She also deemed herself as a "cat lady" in another post that she shared. Of course, she has some cat shirts, which she wore in a September 2020 photo that she posted. Aside from loving the cat merchandise, Katie has her own pet named Tommy, sharing, "The only thing constant in my life is this old man Tommy. 12 years and counting." 

She also described Tommy as "the absolute love of my life," but that was before she met Matt James on The Bachelor. Perhaps Matt and Tommy will both hold that number one spot as the men in Katie's life, or maybe she will become the Bachelorette, finding love on her own journey. She could also be the queen of the beach on Bachelor in Paradise, or she could just find the guy of her dreams down in the DM's. Time will tell where Katie's journey is headed, but it's probably going to be entertaining to watch.