What Tiffany Barker From My 600-Lb Life Is Up To Now

"My 600-lb Life" stories never fail to tug at the heartstrings, and Tiffany Barker's story is no exception. When viewers first met Tiffany, the 28-year-old's weight forced her to put her dreams — and her life — on hold.

At the beginning of her episode, Tiffany was living in Houston with her boyfriend Aaron and cousin Jasmine. But in typical human fashion, Tiffany found it difficult to keep herself disciplined with regards to her emotional eating when her roommates were not there to support her.

Starcasm recounts Tiffany's initial trip to the grocery store, which Tiffany admitted is her "favorite thing to do" besides eating. But even her favorite activity still brought her pain and sadness. "... All this activity takes a toll on me, and it gets to be so hard to move," she said. "My hip and my legs are in so much pain. And it takes just about everything in me to make it back to the car. It's so exhausting."

Adding insult to injury, viewers saw a woman get out of her car and berate Tiffany for being in the way. Tiffany explained to the woman that she was handicapped, but the woman remained unempathetic. "Stuff like that happens all the time when I go out. People either stare and point at me, or they make comments about how I'm in the way," Tiffany explained after the fact. "I try to ignore it ... but you never really get used to it."

Tiffany had a psychological breakthrough

Later, Tiffany Barker visited a therapist to discuss the childhood trauma that led to her eating addiction in adulthood. Her father was a stay-at-home dad who was abusive toward her and her mother. Like many abuse victims, Tiffany still had a soft spot for her father despite the hardship he inflicted upon her. "... I always feel like ... I have to protect [my parents] no matter what they've done to me," she tearfully told the therapist. "That resonates with so many people who have been abused," the therapist replied, "because that's what abuse creates: a burden of secrecy, a burden of shame, where you have to stand up for the person that abused you."

Tiffany also explained to the therapist how her boyfriend — also trying to lose weight — was less disciplined, making it easier for her to cheat. "It's very important ... for your support system to be just that: support," the therapist told Tiffany. "... You have to ask yourself if what you're investing your emotional energy in is healthy for you."

After realizing the effect her relationship with her father had on her emotional eating, Tiffany set out to confront him. She called him, but he hung up as soon as she brought up past abuse. With him rejecting her calls, she recorded a video and sent it to him. "I just wanted you to know how that affected me," she told him, "so we can move past it and I can accept you as my dad again."

Tiffany has turned her life around

By the end of Tiffany Barker's episode, things were looking up. She had lost a total of 258 pounds, down to 415. She and her boyfriend Aaron also talked about the possibility of marriage and kids, according to Starcasm. Luckily for viewers, the end of the episode was not the last they would ever see of Tiffany. She continues to keep fans updated on her progress through her Instagram. So what has Tiffany been up to?

On February 25, 2020, a little more than a year after her weight loss surgery, Tiffany shared a video to her Instagram proudly boasting a personal achievement: she had gotten sent home from work for hitting overtime. Tiffany had previously been employed as a professional chef but had to stop working as her size made it difficult for her to move around the kitchen, according to Starcasm. Now, not only could she move around, but work a full 40 hour week. "I never thought I'd be able to do that physically and still be able to function," she said in the video.

Tiffany seems to have a renewed lease on life. As of April 2021, she has been sharing her TikToks on her Instagram. She appears to be working as a leasing agent and makes videos mocking the customers who complain to her.

Tiffany's progress is proof that with persistence and a good attitude, you can change your entire life.