What Michael Ilesanmi From 90 Day Fiance Really Does For A Living

If you watch "90 Day Fiance," chances are you know about Angela Deem and her "Nigerian prince," Michael Ilesanmi. The couple's 22-year age gap seemed to concern some fans of the show, and they also argued frequently about her ability to carry a baby at age 54. Despite the controversy, they shut haters down with a traditional Nigerian marriage ceremony.

Their relationship appears rocky, though. Angela allegedly had conversations with a divorce lawyer — just take her word for it. "I was definitely talking to the lawyer," she told ET Online in April 2021. "I said, 'I'm not gonna put up with this. If I put up with this with him all the way over there, what's it gonna be like here?'" She told Michael at one point, "Somehow you changed since we got married and we're not even living together, yet. Like, don't take that for granted because there's always a damn divorce court around the corner." Talk about a fear factor!

Angela also made a splash with a gastric sleeve procedure, liposuction, and a breast reduction in August 2020, but Michael does not appear to support her new figure. "You know I like big things. I love you the way you are," he said, per Us Weekly. He was concerned about his wife going under the knife, adding, "I feel she want to risk it all. You know, she just wants a quick result, so she had to go for the bigger surgeries."

So aside from appearing on reality TV, how does Michael make his money? 

Michael Ilesanmi has an interesting work history

Michael Ilesanmi appears to keep a low profile once cameras disappear. According to Screen Rant, he worked as a bus administrator for a few years. Before he entered the working world, he studied at Yaba College of Technology, a polytechnic institute. He reportedly also worked as a used car salesman in his hometown of Lagos, Nigeria, putting a new meaning on "jack of all trades."

His wife Angela Deem records Cameo messages to fans for $75, and it's possible he may join in on the fun. Michael and Angela do not have the best relationship with money — as viewers know, she finances a lot of their activities when she visits him in Nigeria. He reportedly told his wife that her money was also his, which obviously caused a huge rift between the pair, via Screen Rant

To make matters even more difficult, Angela accused him of stealing money from her bank account in 2018, according to Newsweek. She allegedly gave Michael her debit card and told him to take out $300 only once, but when she returned from Lagos she was "broke" with $1 in her account. Angela later said it was a banking error and she got her money back, but it sounds like Michael may want to pick up another job!