What Happened To Ian Bick From Generation Hustle?

A new true-crime docu-series is finally here, and this time it's not about the murders of the past, but the scammers of today. HBO Max's "Generation Hustle," available for streaming now, takes an inside look at those who managed to swindle others out of thousands of dollars, whether it was a business deal gone wrong or intentional deception to make their way to the top. But while there is no denying that these founders and con-artists might have done wrong, legally and/or morally, there is something to be said about the moxie and genius of the mastermind behind each operation.

The show will take a look at 10 entrepreneurs, one of which being Ian Bick. Featured in Episode 2, Bick's story began when he was just in high school throwing parties for him and his friends. However, his shindigs were more comparable to adult nightlife than an awkward dance. He opened up his own nightclub at the age of 19 in Connecticut called, Tuxedo Junction, and while things were good at first, he found himself in a tough spot when his club wasn't generating the revenue he anticipated.

As a result, he felt he had no choice but to use money from new investors to pay off old investors, a tactic known as a Ponzi scheme. After defrauding investors of almost $500,000, he was sentenced to three years in prison at age 21 and was since released in January 2019, per News Times. Keep scrolling to see what Bick is up to today.

Ian Bick is on the straight and narrow after prison

It's been seven years since Ian Bick was first sentenced to prison for defrauding people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and his life is nothing like the lavish nightlife scene he used to be a part of.

Since being released from prison in 2019, he's been working to pay back $480,635 to his investors, as ordered by the court, and he is on the last leg of his three-year-long federal probation. Immediately after his release, he was living in a halfway house, but he since moved to his own apartment and even got a car, thanks to his new gig as an assistant manager of a local Whole Foods. Paying off his restitution hasn't been easy, and according to News Times, he's working 80- to 90-hour weeks, in addition to lending his marketing expertise at the Brookfield Peachwave frozen yogurt shop.

As for his personal life, it looks like Bick is keeping it low-key, but according to his social media, he is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Teja. He last shared a sweet post of the two in August 2020, writing, "Couldn't have asked for a better summer with my favorite lax girl!" It sounds like Bick has come 360 since his days as a young nightclub shyster.