The Real Reason Jane Fonda And Richard Perry Split

Jane Fonda is a living legend and one of Hollywood's most respected actors. With a successful career spanning more than six decades, it comes as no surprise that her personal life has been a hot topic on several occasions.

Fonda's love life has been especially well-documented. According to Honey, she has been married three times. Her first husband, French film director Roger Vadim, died from cancer in 2000 and was 10 years her senior. The "Monster-in-Law" actor was 28-years-old when she tied the knot with Vadim in August 1965. Three years later, Fonda gave birth to their daughter, Vanessa, who she named after the actor Vanessa Redgrave. As previously reported by Evening Standard, they divorced in 1973.

Three days after divorcing Vadim, Fonda moved on quickly and got married to activist and politician Tom Hayden at an intimate ceremony at her Los Angeles estate while pregnant with their child. The same year, the newlyweds welcome their son Troy Garity. Their marriage lasted a lot longer than Fonda's first, but they did get a divorce in 1990.

Fonda's third and final husband was media mogul Ted Turner, and the duo walked down the aisle in 1991. Their marriage lasted a decade. Even though they split in 2001, Fonda stated in her HBO documentary that Turner was her favorite husband, according to Honey.

Fonda's most recent relationship was with music producer Richard Perry. Keep reading to find out about their relationship.

Jane Fonda and Richard Perry's split was amicable

Jane Fonda's most recent high-profile relationship was with her ex-boyfriend Richard Perry. The award-winning actor never married the music producer, even though they spent many years together.

According to Page Six, the pair met first in 2009 after Fonda had surgery on her knee. Fonda and Perry moved in together and it seemed the two were made for each other. However, in January 2017, they announced they were calling their relationship a day. Page Six reported that their Beverly Hills mansion had been put up for sale a week prior and that their split was amicable. "They are selling the house because they will live separately — they will still be friends," a source told the publication. Perry told the outlet that the headlines were true and that he and Fonda were "still very close."

Though the two didn't seem to give an explicit reason for the split, it seems that the relationship had simply run its course. "When her kids learned that Jane was no longer happy, they encouraged her to do whatever she had to do to make her life better," an unnamed friend told Closer Weekly. "She feels a new freedom as she starts over." 

Since their romance, Fonda has admitted that she is no longer interested in dating and would rather focus on her friendships. "My current and next love are my girlfriends," Fonda told Hoda Kotb in 2018 during a SiriusXM interview, adding "I've had a good run."