Zendaya Set Twitter On Fire With Her Oscars Outfit

To the surprise of no one, red carpet fashion queen Zendaya has done it again! Per Elle, Euphoria star Zendaya floated onto the 2021 Oscars red carpet donning a bright, almost highlighter shade of yellow taking the form of a full-length cut-out gown custom made by fashion powerhouse Valentino. But that's not all! The famous actor and singer opted to accessorize the eye-catching look with Bulgari diamonds around her neck and Jimmy Choo heels on her feet. CHECK, CHECK, annnddd CHECK! 

While Zendaya was certainly the talk of Tinseltown on Hollywood's biggest night, she was also the talk of Twitter. As one can imagine, the minute her Jimmy Choo clad feet hit the carpet, jaws collectively dropped and the entire internet lit up like a Christmas tree with users clamoring to give their take on Zendaya's flawless red carpet execution. 

Keep reading after the jump to find out what Twitter had to say about Zendaya's daring and mesmerizing fashion moment.

Zendaya believes fashion should be 'emotional'

In November 2016, Zendaya told Elle that she believes fashion is "emotional." "When I'm on a red carpet, I want somebody to feel something when they look at what I'm wearing, when they look at the entire ensemble, whether it be nostalgia or excitement, you know?" she explained. Well ... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Zendaya.

After just one peek at her bold, 2021 Oscars ensemble, nearly all of Twitter got to work praising the fashion icon for executing yet another fire awards show look. "Zendaya ALWAYS understands the assignment. #Oscars," E! News gushed. Meanwhile, another user took note of Zendaya observing COVID-19 public health precautions — but make it fashion! "Zendaya has arrived in custom yellow Valentino with a matching mask to boot. #Oscars," the user wrote

Oh, and about those jewels draped ever so carefully around the former Disney star's neck? According to a tweet by Vogue magazine, the Bulgari diamonds amount to a whopping 183.3 carats and is valued at a staggering $6 million large. Hmm ... maybe diamonds really are a girl's best friend.