What Philip Snider's Life Is Like Today

Crime buffs everywhere are familiar with Philip Snider, the man who was convicted of killing his wife of 53 years, Roberta "Bobby" Snider. According to the Alliance Review, Philip did everything he could to get away with his wife's murder and opened up about his dirty deeds to an undercover female police officer who followed him around restaurants in Hartville, Ohio. According to the Morning Journal News, everything fell apart for Philip when he became friends with the officer after he tried to commit suicide once Roberta died.

Philip went into great detail about how he killed his wife, telling the officer it was "just a scenario." When he came back into the living room and saw his wife asleep, he allegedly covered her head and struck her twice with a hammer. He could never reportedly get his story straight, and told different versions to the police and Roberta's family.

Philip allegedly claimed his wife died of natural causes on a trip to Elvis Presley's Graceland, but the lack of coroner records or any information relating to Bobby's body really confused investigators, according to the Morning Journal News. Investigators were able to search his home thanks to the information from the undercover police officer.

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Philip Snider's crime will be featured in a Discovery+ documentary

According to The Times Reporter, Philip Snider pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence for a 20-year sentence. He has a chance of parole in 2038 and is serving his sentence at Richland Correctional Facility in Ohio. Philip's crime will be featured in the "When Philip Met Missy" documentary on Discovery+.

Officer Joan Bauer was in law enforcement for over 30 years and was intrigued about Philip's case. "My whole intent was not to work undercover," she said (via Fox News). "But when the chief described the case to me, I thought it was time to go undercover one more time. And that's how it all started." Once Bauer transformed herself into "Missy," she began meeting up with Philip for coffee at various fast food restaurants around Hartville, Ohio. After watching him for a week, Bauer went all in.

"I came in like a fresh friend," she said. "I knew it was important for me to create somebody that not only he could be friendly with, but someone he could trust. Somebody who wouldn't judge him. My involvement was three to four weeks long, but you have to be careful as a female not to present yourself in a certain way." Bauer added that she could not be flirty and had to be friendly with Philip, often forgoing makeup during their meetings.

Although Bauer captured plenty of information, she said, "We never did find out why he committed this crime."