Anna Faris Reveals New Details As To Why Her Marriage To Chris Pratt Failed

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt shocked the world when they announced they were splitting up back in 2017. Now, in an interview with Rachel Bilson on her podcast, "Anna Faris is Unqualified," the actor is opening up about what was really going on between the two of them at the time, and it sounds like the divorce took her by surprise as well. 

These days, the couple are seemingly friendly co-parents to their son, Jack, and have both moved on with other partners. Pratt married Katherine Schwarzenegger in 2019 and the couple welcomed their own child, Lyla, in 2020, and Faris is currently engaged to cinematographer Michael Barrett, so it seems there is no love lost between them. 

However, that doesn't mean that their marriage, which was Faris' second marriage, wasn't way more difficult than anyone thought. Remember how, at the time, Faris and Pratt seemed like the absolute perfect couple? Not according to Faris' reflections on their time together all these years later.

She said on her podcast, "For me, I think after every breakup, at some point I realize that there were a lot of things I ignored that I really shouldn't have."  Read on to find out what happened. 

Anna Faris felt like the divorce was 'forced'

On the May 3 episode of "Anna Faris Is Unqualified" with Rachel Bilson, Anna Faris reflected on her divorce, saying that she ignored things for too long until it all came to a head. She said, "In hindsight, it felt like my hand was forced [in her divorce]. I don't think it was ever an independent decision." 

She also said that, at the time, she didn't have a close clique of girlfriends to vent to. Faris noted that at the end of her first marriage to Ben Indra, the red flags were more apparent, but with Chris Pratt, she could have used some girlfriends. 

"I think [not having close friends] stunted me in a lot of ways," she said on her podcast." One of them being that I never talked about any issues, so to the people, even who I was closest to, I'm sure things were more transparent with my relationship with Ben, but with Chris, I think that we both protected that imagery even within our close circles."

So, if you were shocked when Pratt and Faris split up, it's certainly understandable, as the two seemingly kept their problems a secret until it was too late for them.