Everything We Know About Sunny Hostin's New Production Company

Sunny Hostin is kicking off May in a huge way. On May 4 — the same day that her new novel "Summer on the Bluffs" debuted — the journalist and host announced that she is founding her own production company.

"Today I'm really thrilled to announce the launch of my production company which I'm calling Roots & Wings Productions. I'm really excited to showcase creators of color and to work with our partners across ABC," she said on "The View." The company is also being supported by The Walt Disney Company, who owns ABC.

Along with the announcement of her company, Hostin revealed that Roots & Wings Productions' first project will be an adaptation of her brand new novel, which is the first installment of a trilogy. "We're gonna be bringing meaningful stories to life," she said.

Actor Octavia Spencer and her business partner Brian Clisham have also signed on to execute the series version of "Summer on the Bluffs," according to Hostin. "We are all developing it into a big juicy TV series based on the novel and I'm like still pinching myself, so you guys will see it one day soon," Hostin continued about the project.

Hostin is thrilled to be working with Spencer and believes the projects created though her production company will be a much needed addition to the entertainment world after such trying times experienced around the globe. So, what is the first assignment for Roots & Wings Productions really about? Keep scrolling to find out.

Summer on the Bluffs is about complicated family relationships

During her exciting announcement on "The View," Sunny Hostin admitted that she sent "Summer on the Bluffs" to Octavia Spencer on a whim. The decision proved to be the right one, because she found herself a passionate production partner and true believer in the "meaningful stories" told in the novel.

According to Hostin, "Summer on the Bluffs" is a "fun beach read" about three women in their 20s and their journey to learning about their complicated relationship with their beloved godmother. She also stressed the importance she placed on making the protagonist a woman in her 60s to help exemplify the dynamic relationships between women of varying ages.

The book takes place in Martha's Vineyard, which has strong personal ties to Hostin and her family. "Martha's Vineyard is truly my family's happy place and this is really a love letter to Martha's Vineyard and Oak Bluffs in particular because this was one of the only places in the United States that Black folks were allowed to buy beachfront property," she explained. "So I wanted to give people a bird's eye view into that area." She also hinted that she pulled some inspiration from those currently in her life, including some of her "View" co-hosts.

Overall, the best-selling author said she wanted to "give people a world they could kind of escape to after such dark times" with her new writing.