Little People, Big World: What Is Zach And Tori Roloff's Net Worth?

Zach Roloff grew up in front of television cameras thanks to TLC's "Little People, Big World." Cameras captured his July 2015 wedding to now-wife Tori Roloff, and viewers have loved watching the shenanigans of their kids Jackson and Lilah. Thanks to the many episodes they've filmed over the years, Tori and Zach have accrued a nice net worth.

When "Little People, Big World" debuted on TLC in 2006, Matt and Amy Roloff were married and running their farm together. Viewers got to watch Zach and his twin brother Jeremy grow up, along with little brother Jacob. Their sister, Molly, typically kept her distance from filming the family's reality television show.

Over the course of more than a dozen seasons of "LPBW," fans have seen plenty of both highs and lows for the Roloff family. Matt and Amy split and eventually divorced while both Jeremy and Zach got married on the Roloff farm in front of TLC cameras. Jacob distanced himself from the show, and in July 2018, Jeremy and his wife Audrey revealed on Instagram they'd decided to step away from "LPBW" too. Tori and Zach have stuck with the series, though, which has lined their bank account quite nicely.

Zach and Tori continued to share their lives with fans

Tori and Zach Roloff stuck with "Little People, Big World" even after others departed, per Us Weekly. In addition to airing their wedding, they've shared the births of both Jackson, in 2017, and Lilah, in 2019, on the series as well. When fans wondered why they'd decided to continue filming, Tori said, "Because we feel like we're not done telling our story."

After all this time, Zach and Tori likely progressed to make a pretty nice income by doing "LPBW." Business Insider revealed that after cable reality television shows have been successful for a while, ensemble cast members like the Roloffs may earn up to $10,000 per episode. With more than 340 episodes of "LPBW" having aired (per IMDb), the earnings for everybody involved have surely added up.

In June 2019, Tori and Zach purchased their dream home for $560,000 according to Radar Online. They sold their initial Portland, Oregon home for $382,500, which was a significant drop from their initial asking price of $429,500. However, they'd originally purchased it in 2013 for $260,000, so they still walked away with some solid equity.

When he wasn't helping with Roloff Farms, Zach often coached soccer (per Good Housekeeping). Tori was a kindergarten teacher before welcoming her kids, and she developed a photography business. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Zach built a net worth of an estimated $700,000, and that's likely to grow in the years ahead thanks to the family farm and television show.