Siesta Key: Are Kelsey Owens And Juliette Porter Still Friends?

If you've binged your way through all of "Jersey Shore" and are looking for something a little bit warmer, might we suggest "Siesta Key?" "Siesta Key" doesn't just take place somewhere a little nicer than South Jersey; it also feels a little classier. It breaks more "Hills" than "Real World," but at the end of the day, it's just a reality show about a bunch of good-looking people hanging out in bikinis and fighting with each other over seemingly made-up issues.

As with any reality show, the cast mostly just argues who is hooking up with who and who said what when the cameras were turned off. Throughout the show's three seasons (the fourth airs May 12, 2021), friendships have formed, broken, and enemies have been made...which brings us to series stars, Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter.

First, a little background, Kelsey and Juliette were once roommates and the best of friends, but things went south when Juliette told Kelsey she was considering starting her own swimsuit line. This annoyed Kelsey because apparently, Kelsey wanted to start a swimsuit line too, per Feeling the Vibe. To make a long story short, Juliette and Kelsey got into the fight to end all fights, and the Season Four trailer shows a short clip of Kelsey crying and asking the void, "Why was I even friends with someone like that?" So, where do things stand with the former roomies? Let's investigate.

Things are tense between Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens

According to Juliette Porter of MTV's "Siesta Key," the basis of her falling out with Kelsey Owens was a big misunderstanding. In an August 2020 interview with People, Juliette opened up about the complicated dynamics that led to their separation. "I didn't know that it was so serious to her," Juliette explained, adding that she'd been planning to launch a swimsuit line for years. Juliette agreed with Madisson Hausburg that Kelsey was more upset about the amount of attention Juliette received from producers and fans than their respective swimsuit lines.

From Juliette's cavalier attitude in the interview, you'd think the tense situation has cooled, but you'd be wrong. In the "Siesta Key" Season Four trailer, Juliette and Kelsey meet up — presumably for the first time since their falling out — to hash things out. "You have to take responsibility," Kelsey demands. "I feel like you're just my enemy," Juliette shoots back. Big Yikes.

That's just a trailer, though, not the whole story. So what else do we know? Well, Juliette launched her divisive swimsuit line in March 2021, and if her Instagram posts are any indication, Kelsey was not there to celebrate. Kelsey and Juliette have also not appeared on each other's Instagram grids since August 2020. At the time of this writing, Juliette is following Kelsey, but Kelsey is not following Juliette. Either way, we can't wait to watch this play out when Season Four airs on May 12, 2021.