This Is Why Joe Biden Scares Caitlyn Jenner

President Joe Biden has Olympic gold medal winner-turned-California governor hopeful Caitlyn Jenner shaking in her designer boots, but probably not for the reasons you think. As reported by New York Post, during a May 5, 2021 appearance on Fox's "The Sean Hannity Show," Jenner told host Sean Hannity that there wasn't one of Biden's policies that she agreed with. "Biden, I don't think I've agreed with anything," she declared.

It's no secret that Jenner's conservative political views have been known to ruffle a few feathers, including her strong Republican values. "I have always been on the Republican side, just because I have conservative economic values. You know the old saying, lower taxes, less regulations, you know, a more friendly business environment, and we don't have that in California," she explained to Hannity, before adding that her views on social issues tend to be much more progressive.

"But socially, I've been much more progressive all my life. I get it. People do need help. You know, we need programs. But you cannot have social programs without an economy. Doesn't happen. You just don't have the finances to do it. And that's what's happening here in California," she continued. But what about President Biden currently has Jenner so shook up? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Caitlyn Jenner wants Biden to do more for 'the American worker'

As reported by New York Post, Caitlyn Jenner says it's President Joe Biden's intended trajectory for the United States that has her so apprehensive. "I don't think, since he's been in there, he has done anything for the American worker, maybe other ones. So, it is a 180-degree turn in our country, going the other direction, and it scares me," she told Fox News host, Sean Hannity. 

One politician who didn't scare Jenner? Former President Donald Trump. Jenner first drew criticism when she endorsed then-presidential candidate Trump in the 2016 election. Eventually, however, she recanted that endorsement citing his ban on transgender people serving in the military as her reason. Still, it appears she has some respect for the former prez.

"What I liked about Donald Trump is, he was a disruptor," Jenner explained to Hannity. "He came in and shook the system up, okay? A lot of people didn't like that in Washington, D.C., but he came in and shook the system up. I think he did some things that I agree with, some things I didn't agree with ... on trans issues, LGBT issues. I was more hopeful at the beginning. But there were some good things he did," she maintained.

TBD if the self-proclaimed "thoughtful disruptor" (via Deadline) overthrows sitting Governor Gavin Newsom and gets the opportunity to serve the California people, and perhaps make good on her promise to restore "the core values" of her home state.