The Real Reason Lala Kent Unfollowed Ariana Maddix

Lala Kent no longer follows her "Vanderpump Rules" co-star Ariana Madix on Instagram. Lala and Ariana were never particularly close, but things between them have become tense since Ariana sided with Scheana Shay amid her 2020 feud with Lala. Ariana has been pretty candid about her support for Scheana, which has caused Lala to reevaluate that relationship. "Everything that happened with [Lala] and Scheana obviously is, like, tough for me because I'm very protective of Scheana and I love her so much," Ariana told Zack Peter on the #NoFilter podcast back in November 2020, according to Us Weekly

Ariana went on to make it very clear whose side she's on, which caused a rift between her and Lala. "I fully support [Scheana's] decision to [cut Lala out of her life] if that's how she feels given the circumstance of everything that's happened and what had been said to her and about her. You know, if that was me, I probably would've said the same thing. If someone's gonna talk s*** about me like that, then maybe next time we talk, that might be me," Ariana said. This was apparently enough for Lala to want nothing to do with her fellow SUR worker, and so she ended their Instagram relationship. Keep reading to find out what Lala had to say about her decision to unfollow Ariana.

Lala Kent is ready to 'duke it out' with Ariana Madix

Lala Kent didn't hold back when talking about her decision to unfollow Ariana Madix on Instagram — and in general — and she opened up about that decision during her May 5 chat with Zack Peter on the #NoFilter podcast. "[Ariana] loves a good underdog. She loves anyone who's drowning, which is great when you're the one drowning because she's definitely going to throw you the life vest. You know, with Ariana, it is what it is. It's like, you know what, let's not pretend. You don't give a f—k about me. I don't care about you — whatever. You know? Unfollowed her on the 'gram. Which, you know, for us, it's like, pretty — that solidifies a lot, right? Yeah, I'm good on you," Lala told Zack.

Ahead of the new season of "Vanderpump Rules," it sounds like Lala is completely done with Ariana. Season 9 of the popular Bravo television show is set to start filming in May, and it sounds like fans could see a drama-filled storyline play out between these two — and Lala sounds ready for it. "I don't dread it at all. I'm like, 'Honey, let's f***ing duke it out!' I don't know what it is, I live for that s**t," she told Zack.