Judd Apatow's Daughter Grew Up To Be Gorgeous

Maude Apatow is the oldest daughter of Hollywood power couple Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann. Both her parents are highly successful in the entertainment business: Judd for his directing and writing work, while Leslie is a comedic actor with many scene-stealing turns. As a young girl, Maude appeared in small cameos in her father's projects, including movies like "Knocked Up," "This is 40," and "Funny People," and the TV series "Girls," on which Judd served as an executive producer, per IMDb. But she turned into a serious actor and landed roles on popular shows like HBO's "Euphoria" and Ryan Murphy's "Hollywood," not to mention appearing in the 2019 flick, "The King of Staten Island," alongside lead actor Pete Davidson. 

And yet, Maude Apatow still knows that people might assume all her success is due to nepotism. "I know that people definitely see me as my parents' kid, so it's important to me to work twice as hard to prove myself," she told Who What Wear in 2020. But along the way, things weren't always easy: the actor faced ups and downs while growing up, which were of course on full display to the world. However, she managed to thrive in the industry, and despite aging in front of the cameras, her transformation might seem unbelievable to more casual fans. Seemingly overnight, she went from Judd Apatow's cute little kid to a star in her own right. 

For those who missed it, Judd Apatow's daughter, Maude, grew up to be unrecognizably gorgeous.

What was it like to film Maude Apatow's first onscreen role?

The first time Maude Apatow worked with her father, Judd Apatow, she was only six or seven years old, she recalled to Who What Wear. For her Hollywood debut, Maude and her younger sister, Iris Apatow, appeared in the movie, "Knocked Up" — which was, of course, directed by their dad. He wanted to feature his little girls because he found them both naturally "amusing," he told Awards Watch. Maude and Iris appear alongside their mom in multiple scenes, as depicted on a "Today Show" segment with Judd. 

In an interview for the Los Angeles Times, Maude remembered preparing for the film, but said that her dad "didn't let [her] read the script before." According to the actor, "He talked about it a lot, and I kind of knew the general idea, but he'd just give me the sides the day of [shooting] and be like, 'This is what you're doing.'" Maude also said of the last minute information, "It was horrible."

Looking back at the experience after becoming a decided actor years later, Maude revealed to InStyle, "I was so young and I almost didn't fully understand what was going on." She also admitted that she didn't take acting as seriously then, saying, "I just feel a lot more responsible and just more like a person than a kid."

Inside her relationship with dad Judd Apatow

Many dads are guilty of making cringe-worthy jokes. But for Maude Apatow, her dad, Judd Apatow, is actually a comedian. However, this doesn't make some interactions any less embarrassing. She told Elle that her proud father sometimes talks about her with other people right in front of her, but the actor confessed, "I think he knows me really well and he pushes me, because he knows what I'm capable of and knows me better than anyone."

Maude also revealed to Highsnobiety that she and her dad "have a very good working relationship," adding, "My dad is my mentor and gives me a lot of advice about everything that I do, with acting, writing, and directing." The actor explained that even though Judd is a major figure in Hollywood with a lot of experience, he's also a family member. "It's hard to take advice from your parents without automatically wanting to stand up to them or be rebellious. I don't know, sometimes he tells me things and I pretend not to hear them," she added, before conceding and admitting, "I always do listen to what he says." 

And though Maude credits Judd with a lot of things, she's not afraid to call out her dad or point out his weaknesses. Case in point? While Judd Apatow is a wildly successful writer and director, his eldest daughter claimed, "My dad cannot act."

Maude Apatow's younger sister is also an actor

Maude Apatow's younger sister, Iris Apatow, is no stranger to the big screen, just like her big sis. She appeared with Maude in the same films by their dad, Judd Apatow, such as "Knocked Up," "Funny People," and "This is 40," per IMDb. And off screen, the two spend time together — but not always by choice. 

In 2020, Maude revealed to Who What Wear that she and her sister were living in the same house as their parents, and that sometimes, Iris could get on her nerves. "I mean, she thinks she can share my closet, but I get so mad," Maude said, before admitting that Iris is skilled in the beauty department: "Yeah, my sister is a little more into makeup. She taught me how to put on highlighter the right way, and she has given me a few makeovers." That said, Maude made sure to clarify, "We don't share closets at all. That's a point of contention."

As the two got older, their bond strengthened. Iris physically grew up to 5'8" by the time she was 15, with Maude revealing how around that time, she felt comfortable enough to talk to Iris "as a friend." Aww.

The fashionable side of Judd Apatow's daughter

On the red carpet, Maude Apatow truly shines. But even she looks up to other fashion icons, telling Who What Wear that her "Euphoria" co-star, Zendaya, is the "queen of fashion." When it comes time to get ready for the biggest nights in entertainment, Apatow revealed that she loves all the preparation work to look just right. "I find it really hard to find situations in my normal life to get dressed up," she said, noting that her normal daytime outfit is "jeans and a T-shirt or even sweatpants." Apatow added, "So when I get to dress up for events, I really get excited." She also loves to experiment because her style is evolving, explaining, "I'm still trying to discover what my style is. I have my stylist, Leith Clark, who is amazing, and with her I'm discovering what I like."

For her work on the show "Hollywood," Apatow opened up about how much fun she had working with the amazing period costumes. "When I entered the costume fitting room, it was incredible," she recalled of the experience. "They have hundreds of beautiful vintage dresses and shoes and purses and hats. It's amazing." Even more than just dresses, Apatow loved looking at the intricate hair, makeup, and costumes used for the series. "I know what costume is my favorite, but if I say anything, it will spoil it," she teased.

Maude Apatow loves the stage

Coming from a family full of funny people, Maude Apatow's choice of entertainment may seem a bit surprising. She has been a huge fan of musical theater ever since she was a little girl, and also sings herself. For example, during a 2019 interview on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," the host surprised viewers and Apatow herself with a clip of her singing "Memory" from "Cats" at just 9 years old in a home video sent in by her famous parents. Yes, she's dressed up as a cat from the musical. And yes, it's adorbs.

Apatow also frequents Broadway shows. When she was 12 years old, she saw veteran actor Patti LuPone as Mama Rose in "Gypsy" on Broadway. Many years later, she had the chance to meet LuPone when they both worked on the 2020 Netflix series, "Hollywood." Though the two didn't have any scenes together, Apatow had the chance to interact with one of her favorite actors. Revealing that LuPone was "the nicest," she admitted to Elle that the encounter was "probably my biggest fan girl moment." 

Another actor that Apatow explained is somewhat of a role model to her is Emma Stone, telling the Los Angeles Times that she respects Stone's wide range of abilities, from "doing comedies and then super dramatic roles." Naturally, Apatow also revealed that she saw Stone perform on Broadway during her run as Sally Bowles in "Cabaret."

Inside her short-lived college experience

Even though she grew up around the entertainment business and already appeared in films as a child, Maude Apatow didn't jump right into acting professionally. After high school, she pursued a degree in theater at Northwestern University outside of Chicago, Illinois. According to V Magazine, Apatow's parents insisted that she couldn't be an actor right away without first going to college. But while she was attending the university, her mom, Leslie Mann, hinted on a 2018 episode of "Live with Kelly and Ryan" that her eldest daughter was considering dropping out of college (via the Chicago Tribune). Confessing that she supported the decision so she could see her daughter more, Mann joked about having Apatow back home, "I can teach her everything she needs to know."

Sure enough, Maude Apatow did drop out of college. While appearing on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" that December, Mann told the host — whose son attended Northwestern University at the same time — about her daughter's decision. "You know, she's a California girl," her mom explained, noting that Apatow had a difficult time in the brutal Chicago winters. According to Mann, halfway through her second year, her daughter said, "I'm so miserable. I want to come home."

Soon after returning, Apatow landed an acting job — meaning she didn't have to return to school. But that doesn't mean she will stay away from higher education forever. While speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Apatow explained, "I haven't fully put school off yet. I still maybe would like to go back at some point."

How Maude Apatow landed her role on Euphoria

Sam Levinson, the writer and director responsible for "Euphoria," first released his film, "Assassination Nation," in 2018 — which stars Maude Apatow in a role created specifically for her. 

"I had a Skype with Maude and found her to be a fascinating and hilarious and neurotic character with this wonderful, expressive silent-movie-star face," Levinson told Variety in 2020. "But she wasn't right for any of the characters, so I wrote a new one for her." That meant when it came time for his popular HBO series, Levinson knew he wanted to use Apatow again. While creating "Euphoria," he also reportedly "wrote the role of Lexi, the grounded friend of Zendaya's wild child, specifically for her." After auditioning for the role, per HBO's requirements, Apatow landed the job.

Of all the character's Apatow has played in her career, she told Elle, "I think I most identify with Lexi from 'Euphoria.'" The actor explained, "I think we're both a little bit shy and sometimes nervous to speak up. And underneath it all, we have something to say, but sometimes don't know how to say it, because we're too nervous to say it or don't feel confident enough." Though it's a great role to showcase her talent, Apatow admitted that the show isn't for everyone. For example, she doesn't want her grandma to see the explicit series, admitting on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert": "I don't know if I feel comfortable with her watching it."

Judd Apatow's daughter has opened up about her mental health

On paper, it appears Maude Apatow has the perfect life. Two funny and famous parents, a close little sister, and a successful career in show business. But behind the scenes, she has been open about sharing her struggles with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. In an interview with Highsnobiety, the actor revealed how social media can completely dictate her mental health. 

"I'll go on Instagram and Twitter all day; I'll feel totally comfortable and it doesn't get to me at all," she explained, adding, "And then other times, I find it so overwhelming, and it does start to really affect my mood." Luckily, Apatow began learning how to better cope with her mood changes by focusing on other things. Noting that it's difficult when she can't "find a solution" to certain situations, she said, "When I'm working and fully commit to what I'm doing, then the anxiety and nerves will go away." 

However, the actor confessed that the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated the stress. "I try and read as much as I can without letting it get into crazy territory," she said, but admitted that it was a fine balance to stay informed, "because sometimes reading things so much will send me into a spiral and it feels counterproductive."

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

She's an equal rights advocate

HBO's "Euphoria" became a smash hit for the network, surprising even the stars of the show. In addition to advancing Zendaya's acting career, the series' use of timely themes for teenagers has created a meaningful discussion. 

"It shows how everything has changed, but at the same time, nothing has changed," Maude Apatow, who plays Lexi Howard on the show, told Who What Wear about "Euphoria's" depiction of the modern teen. "I mean, representation of people of color and women and the LGBTQ+ community, it's a struggle then and now." Though she explained that, in her opinion, Hollywood has become more open to these previously underrepresented grounds, Apatow also felt that "we still have a long way to go."

As part of the cast, Apatow uses her influence to create positive change. In an interview for V Magazine, she said, "I am committed to using my platform to support and champion the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQIA+ rights." The actor also urged everyone to vote in the 2020 election, especially others around her age, to create a better environment for all. "Our voices as young people have the power to make real change and it's time to use them," Apatow said.

Quarantine drove Judd Apatow's daughter to live at home

After dropping out of school in Illinois, Maude Apatow moved back to sunny California. The former student returned to the spectacular homes that both her mom and dad own just before she turned 21. However, Apatow's mom, Leslie Mann, explained on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" that it was difficult to get Apatow to abide by rules or stick to a curfew. Mann quipped, "I can't discipline her, because she's old." 

Noting that "she's not a slob," Mann let slip that when it was time for Apatow to help out with dishes, she apparently said, "Ugh, is this gonna become a thing, because if so, I'll just go get an apartment and I'll be out of your hair." Mann confessed that she conceded to her daughter, jokingly adding, "So I have no leverage to get her to do anything."

Apatow was actually planning on moving out of the house when the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly hit. Explaining to Highsnobiety that she felt ready and old enough to be out on her own, the actor said, "We went into lockdown and it didn't seem like the best timing." According to Apatow, her unplanned time at home turned out to be a positive experience, noting that the extra family time was a bonus. "We do separate things during the day then come back together for dinner," she said. "Obviously there's ups and downs, [but then] I'll go to my room and watch TV to get some space."

How Maude Apatow went from an actor to director

Maude Apatow is following in the footsteps of her father with work behind the camera, working with her best friend Olivia Rosenbloom on films as a screenwriting duo. In 2017, the pair dreamed up a short film called "Don't Mind Alice." In an interview for Highsnobiety, Apatow revealed the inspiration behind the story. "We're both pretty anxious," she said about herself and Rosenbloom. "We were talking about my worst-case scenario. I'm always like, 'what if I was at dinner with someone and they died, what would I do?' I know that's so dark." 

Apatow and Rosenbloom wanted to explore the scenario of the internal struggle of someone after a traumatic event. "We thought we could try and find the humor in that," Apatow added. The film centers around a "caretaker whose patient dies in her care," according to V Magazine.

After the experience, Apatow knew that she wanted to continue down the path of writing and directing. In fact, it's been an aspiration of hers from a young age. "I always wanted to be a director, or since I was in high school, I took a class on directing and directing theater," she explained. According to the multi-talent, her experience in front of the camera has created a special set of skills. "I always think actors who direct have a very specific way of communicating which I find really easy to understand," she said.

Judd Apatow's daughter has a way with words

It didn't take long for Maude Apatow to showcase her many talents. After several film performances, the young woman found success on Twitter. Similarly to dad Judd Apatow, who uses the social media platform, Maude created a relatable and comical account. While she had used Twitter before, her big moment came in 2011, she and her mom, Leslie Mann, traveled to England to witness the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

After essentially "live-tweeting the royal wedding," Maude's followers began to grow, per The New York Times. By the time she was 14, she had over 62,000 followers. "It's just weird, because I don't know most people who tweet me, so it's kind of scary," Maude said at the time. But she also confessed that she liked having such a big fan base.

Maude levied this social media success through the years into becoming an occasional journalist. In the past, she interviewed boy band One Direction. In an article for Teen Vogue, Maude — a superfan herself — talked with the guys after years of tweeting her support. As a writer, she's listed as a contributor on the site HelloGiggles, created by fellow actor Zooey Deschanel, and she's also written articles for Rookie Magazine, including interviews with Molly Ringwald and Lena Dunham.

Maude Apatow reveals her favorite TV shows

Though she stars on TV in HBO's "Euphoria," Maude Apatow also likes to be on the other side of the camera. That is, in front of the TV as a fan. One of her favorites is watching an older, iconic HBO series, "The Sopranos." Apatow explained how she spaced out watching the entire series over three years so it didn't have to end so quickly. "There's probably never going to be a show that's as good as this. So I need to watch it very, very slowly," she told Highsnobiety. Apatow particularly enjoyed Steve Buscemi's character arc in the series, revealing of the industry veterant, "Oh my gosh, I think he's amazing. I think he's just one of the greatest actors ever." She was even lucky enough to work with the acclaimed actor in the movie, "The King of Staten Island."

Another one of her favorites is "Normal People," the Hulu series adapted from the novel with the same name. But it's not only scripted dramas for Apatow's go-to viewing pleasure — she also confessed her love for reality TV. "I'm [also] a big fan of the '90 Day Fiancé' franchise," the actor said, adding, "I've been watching '[Ru Paul's] Drag Race.'"

Inside Maude Apatow's love life

With most of her life in the spotlight of Hollywood, Maude Apatow's love life has been a roller coaster of feelings. When she was a teenager, she recalled to Bustle that she was often "an emotional wreck." Part of this was due to a different experience than most of her friends. While most people were likely envious of Apatow's successful Twitter account, in reality, she "stayed in all the time crying." Her friends would party while Apatow anguished over "one-sided crushes." Looking back at her teenage years, the actor recapped, "I was just so emotional and hormonal, and you get angry because you just don't know what to do with your emotions."

Luckily, Apatow's worries may have disappeared when she seemingly found that special someone later on. She reportedly started dating Charlie Christie, a British talent manager, in April 2018. By 2020, the couple appeared to still be going strong when the Daily Mail spotted Apatow and Christie together in New York City. According to the article, the couple was seen "putting on an affectionate display," with Christie's arm around Apatow. The two then met Apatow's famous parents for what may have been a double date.

However, as of this writing, it's unclear if the two are still together: Christie is noticeably absent from Apatow's Instagram feed, with Elite Daily reporting that she'd supposedly deleted all photos of him. Meanwhile, she hasn't appeared on his since a group photo shared in September 2019.

How much is Judd Apatow's daughter worth?

Maude Apatow has little need for making money — that's because her parents are both highly successful in the entertainment business. According to Celebrity Net Worth, both Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann were worth an estimated $150 million each in 2021. And yet, even with all this money in her household, Maude has paved her own way with adding big acting credits to her name. This includes her work in films like "Assassination Nation" and "The House of Tomorrow," as well as on TV, as she's no stranger to HBO, having played the recurring character Cleo on the series "Girls" and later Zendaya's friend in "Euphoria." 

Though it's difficult to narrow down a specific figure, for all of her onscreen roles and other income sources, Maude's own net worth reportedly falls somewhere in the $500,000 to $1 million range, with World-Celebs estimating her earnings at $650,000. Either way, the young star is clearly doing well for herself financially. 

Apatow likes to spend some of her hard-earned money on accessories and beauty items. In addition to sharing some of her favorite pieces of jewelry through "Maude's Collection" on the website for the earring company, Studs, she's also interested in fancy nails. Revealing that the long red nails she wore in "The King of Staten Island" were from Vanity Projects, a specialty New York salon, Maude Apatow told InStyle, "I was obsessed with their Instagram, I've always loved nails, and I just pictured a longer nail look."