Kendall Jenner Has A Message For People Who Criticize Her Anxiety

Vogue magazine released the first installment of its four-part mental health video series with Kendall Jenner on May 6. The series, called "Open Minded: Understanding Anxiety with Kendall Jenner," desires "to pull back the curtain on social anxiety" while exploring the supermodel's experiences with it, according to the series' announcement posted to Instagram on May 5. 

Before showing her first interview with a mental health professional, Kendall appears vulnerable in the introduction to the debut video of her series and addresses those who have criticized her speaking about anxiety in the past. Her poignant message stresses the importance of allowing people to be open about their mental health regardless of who they are.

"I mean there is going to be those people that say like, 'Oh, okay, what does she have to worry about? What does she have to be anxious about?' And I'll never sit here and say that I'm not fortunate. I know I live a very privileged, amazing lifestyle," she began. "I still have one of these," she continued, pointing to her brain. "And that thing up there ... it's not always happy and it's not always connecting and I'm still a human being at the end of the day and no matter what someone has or doesn't have, it doesn't mean that they don't have real life feelings and emotions," she confirmed.

Kendall also opened up about how nerve-wracking it was to be open about her experiences with anxiety. Keep scrolling to learn what she had to say.

Kendall Jenner says she wants to be honest without being judged

Kendall Jenner has been outspoken about her struggles with anxiety before, but her "Open Minded: Understanding Anxiety with Kendall Jenner" series with Vogue may be her most revealing route of speaking about it yet. The reality star and model admitted that she was quite nervous to be so frank about her struggles, but is ready for the challenge. "I am very aware of my anxieties. I don't like the pity party. I don't like talking about when I don't feel too well," she explained in the introduction to part one of the series. "I am a little nervous just being kind of open about what I struggle with and like making it known to other people is a bit nerve-wracking," she continued.

Kendall also shared a new personal tidbit: that she first experienced anxiety as a child. "I remember being really young. I'd say like 8, 9, 10, like around that time, and I remember having shortness of breath and going to my mom and telling her that. In hindsight, now I know that that was obviously anxiety," she explained.

While there was some pushback from anxiety naysayers when Kendall announced her series, she received a large amount of support in the comment section of the first video. "I hope she is able to overcome her anxiety its hard to deal with it celebrity or not," one fan wrote. Another called Kendall "brave" for being so vulnerable.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.