Would Jill Zarin Ever Be Friends With Bethenny Frankel Again?

Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel had one of the most dramatic and publicized feuds on Season 3 of "Real Housewives of New York City." The former housewives started off as good friends on the Bravo reality show, going on shopping dates, and joking with each other. Their friendship was so strong that the network nicknamed them "Lucy and Ethel" — a reference to the iconic characters on "I Love Lucy." But Jill and Bethenny's friendship did not last, as they accused each other of jealousy and lacking empathy, per Us Weekly.

Fans had hoped that Jill and Bethenny would reconcile, but the two remained distant after the Season 3 finale. The two briefly met up after Jill's husband Bobby Zarin's funeral in 2018, a moment that was shown on the series. In September 2020, Bethenny told host Andy Cohen of "Watch What Happens Live" that she remains friendly with Jill.

"I went over there [to her house] shortly thereafter [Bobby's funeral] to introduce her to [Bethenny's daughter] Bryn, but I haven't seen her since," Bethenny told Cohen in September 2020. "She texts me every so often. I think she [texted] me 'cause of the Jewish New Year. But we don't see each other." 

Bethenny added that she would give Jill a hug if she saw her in the streets — but would her former bestie do the same? Find out below.

Jill Zarin doesn't think she'll give her friendship with Bethenny Frankel another try

While Bethenny Frankel has remained civil when it comes to discussing her relationship with former BFF Jill Zarin, the latter is more blunt about where they stand friendship-wise. Per Page Six, Jill said she doesn't see reconciliation in their future when she was asked by Andy Cohen on the May 6 "Blast from the Past" episode of "Watch What Happens Live."

"No, I don't," Jill responded to Cohen's question about whether or not they could become friends again. "Nope, nope."

Even though Jill doesn't want to be friends with Bethenny with Bethenny anymore, it doesn't mean they're out of each other's lives. Jill mentioned on The Take On with Amir Yassai podcast in February that the Skinnygirl founder runs in the same circles as her.

"I heard she was here on New Year's Eve with Siggy Flicker, I think. And that she was in the same community I live in. And that she's dating a guy who lives in the same community my parents live in," Jill said on the podcast, before reiterating that they're not close. "Which is weird if it's true because you'd think she would have said hello," she added. "But you know, it is what it is."