Exclusive Clip: Meet The New Love Of Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser Emanuel's Life

The new season of "Black Ink Crew" is well underway, with the fourth episode of Season 9 set to air tonight — May 10. But before fans get to see the full drama unfold, Nicki Swift is happy to provide a sneak peek with this exclusive clip.

Fans of the show already know that owner Ceaser Emanuel is in a new relationship, and in this exclusive scene, they finally meet Suzette Samuel, his real estate pro boo. Making her debut in a leather and lace dress that Cease describes as "nice," Suzette drops in on her man after showing some houses. In no time, Suzette reveals the couple's origin story in her confessional interview; they met at — where else — a Black Ink party. From there, they "kicked it," started "clubbing" together and Cease, according to Suzette, "shot his shot [in] January 2020." She even adorably describes him as "my little big-headed baby."

We're not sure how Cease feels about that new nickname, but he also appears in the clip, sharing how surprised even he was about the development of a serious relationship. "If you would have told me this s**t a couple years ago, I probably [would have thrown] my coffee in your face and had Ted beat you up, but now, this s**t's a f**king reality," he said in his own confessional.

While fans are just getting to know Suzette on the show, keep reading to discover what we already know about Cease's new lady.

What you need to know about Suzette Samuel, Caesar Emanuel's new girlfriend on Black Ink Crew

"Black Ink Crew" fans got to celebrate Krystal and Roc's relationship debut this season, even if it wasn't exactly a huge shock that they'd been dating on the down low. But couple news on "Black Ink Crew" isn't always happy. In fact, the relationship between Caesar Emanuel and former shop artist Dutchess Lattimore served up so much drama, the ill-fated fiances weathered everything from cheating rumors to accusations that Dutchess only used Cease to jumpstart her solo career. Both have long since moved on from the toxic relationship, and now, fans want to know all about the new love of Cease's life.

From the exclusive clip above, we not only found out that Suzette Samuel works in real estate, but that she's also "into financial literacy" and "has a degree in psychology." Digging a bit deeper, we discovered from Suzette's March 2020 chat with VoyageATL that she also owns her own realty and credit solutions companies. Suzette also revealed that she decided to change her life after a long battle to repair her damaged financial credit and years working "in the club scene as a bartender" in Atlanta. A chance encounter with "a very powerful lady" led to somewhat of a mentorship, and Suzette's interest in real estate was born.

Now, Suzette wants to use her thriving businesses to lift others out of situations in which she previously found herself. "I take pride in providing life-changing services and being a part of the process of changing people's lives," she told the outlet.

It sure seems like Cease has found a partner who is aligned with his own goals in both life and business. We can't wait to see this relationship unfold!