Britney Spears Reveals The True Object Of Her Affection

On May 10, Britney Spears took to Instagram for the first time in nearly one week. The pop star shared a photo of herself wearing a puff-sleeve crop top, putting her belly button ring on full display. It wasn't Spears' photo, however, that fans have been focusing on. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the caption that Spears wrote had people talking. The singer revealed that she got to hang out with one of her best friends — someone she described as that one friend she "can communicate with just one look." She said that it is "nice to have that type of communication," and added some silly emoji, including the crying-with-laughter face.

Spears told her 29.7 million Instagram followers that she wanted to share what she and her bestie talked about. What came next was not something that fans expected. Spears revealed the one true object of her affection — and no, it's not her boyfriend Sam Asghari! Keep reading to find out about Spears' "beautiful lover."

Britney Spears apologized for 'cheating' in her latest Instagram caption

Evidently, Britney Spears has a strong affinity for her pillow. According to her Instagram caption, Spears has a very special relationship with her "beautiful fluffy white pillow," which she said "is a godsend to [her] in every which way and form." The "Womanizer" singer went on to say that she recently purchased a different pillow, a "newer, better pillow," but she ended up hating it.

"So tonight when I go to bed, we meet again my beautiful lover pillow. He knows how to hold me ... he doesn't talk back and he makes me feel like I'm on a cloud," Spears wrote on Instagram. "I'm sorry I cheated on you pillow. You're the only one for me, and even though the other was way way bigger, I still choose you," Spears added. At the end of her post, Spears' tagged her boyfriend Sam Asghari to make sure to let him know that she was "just kidding." It seems like he was cool with the post, given that he offered it a like. Who knew that Spears was so passionate about her pillow?!