What LeeAnne Locken From 'Real Housewives Of Dallas' Is Doing Now

For four seasons of "Real Housewives of Dallas," cast member LeeAnne Locken played a pivotal role in the show's dramatic storylines, at least according to executive producer Andy Cohen. Praising her as "a driving character — driving a lot of drama and humor and heart" (per Radio Andy), he saluted her amid her decision to step down from the show in February 2020. "The last four years have been a trolley-slapping good time, but after much consideration, I have made the personal decision to step away from 'RHOD,'" LeeAnne told People that same month. "Getting to share my wedding with the viewers last year brought me tremendous joy, however, the season was very personally challenging for me." The reality star added that she hopes her departure enables her to spend more time with loved ones and engage in philanthropy, "which was my main reason for joining the show."

However, it seems that ducking out of "RHOD" didn't quite cause an end to the drama. In May 2021, LeeAnne was embroiled in a mini scandal when a Season 5 reunion special showed a former castmate leaking a video of Brandi Redmond's husband, Bryan, supposedly cheating on his wife, and sending the clip to the pair's teen daughter. Castmates were quick to accuse LeeAnne as the culprit, though she denied any wrongdoing on Twitter. Phew! Given the controversy, here's a look at what LeeAnne has been up to since leaving the show.

LeeAnne Locken doesn't miss her time on RHOD

According to Distractify, LeAnne Locken is returning to her roots as she prepares to star in an upcoming film called Broken Vessels. The "RHOD" alum got her start in the acting world after relocating to Los Angeles post-high school, where she went on to appear in TV series such as "Chase," "GCB," and "Home Improvement" (via IMDb). She also juggles her acting gigs with sponsored Instagram posts for the likes of Boombod, a weight-loss company, and hair care brand BondiBoost. In between plugging products, she leverages her social platforms for good. Per Daily Mail, the philanthropist delivered on her promise to engage in social charities and even appeared on the cover of ReStyled Magazine by the Fashion Foundation in November 2020. "Anybody who knows me knows that I spend the majority of my time working in the non-profit world, really trying to pay it forward, really trying to make a difference," she told the outlet. As its website explains, the Fashion Foundation uses fashion as a tool to help provide needy children with necessary school supplies.

And for those wondering whether the one-time Bravolebrity misses her time on the show, the answer is no. "You don't realize how deep in it you are until you remove yourself from it," the star told Daily Mail, adding "[it's] kind of like a bad relationship." These days, her friends have noticed how much happier she seems, calling her "so happy and bright and joyful."