The Truth About Brody Jenner And Audrina Patridge's Relationship

When it comes to Brody Jenner and Audrina Patridge's relationship, the rest is still unwritten. Well, sort of. Fans of the MTV reality show "The Hills" might remember an episode in season 5 of the original series, which aired from 2006-2010, where Brody slept in bed with Audrina on a trip to Hawaii. In the episode, Audrina revealed that she'd always had a little crush on the former "Princes of Malibu" star, and Brody admitted to his group of friends that he'd cheated on then-girlfriend Jade. Naturally, drama ensued in the episodes that followed.

Audrina went on to date other men, including Ryan Cabrera, and eventually married Corey Bohan, who appeared on three episodes of "The Hills" after years of an on-again, off-again relationship, per Women's Health. The pair, who share 4-year-old daughter Kirra Max Bohan, split in 2017 and engaged in a heated custody dispute in which Audrina obtained a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband, per Marie Claire.

Meanwhile, Brody went on to date Avril Lavigne, Bryana Holly, and married Kaitlynn Carter, who appeared on the first season of "The Hills: New Beginnings". The couple split in August 2019, per Ranker. Kaitlynn went on to have a high-profile relationship with Miley Cyrus.

So, with season 2 of "The Hills: New Beginnings" just around the corner, what's the current status of Audrina and Brody's relationship? Read on to find out.

Brody Jenner says there's 'lots of love' between him and co-star and Audrina Patridge

The trailer for "The Hills: New Beginnings" season 2 showed Audrina Patridge having a candid conversation with co-star Whitney Port about her love life. "Brody and I, we did kiss," the reality star said in the trailer. "I think, everyone, once they watch the episodes you'll really get to see what's going on," Audrina explained in an exclusive with E! News. She described her relationship with Brody as "nerve-wracking" and "exciting" but didn't want to give too much away. "I don't want to ruin it for you, but you'll have to wait and see," she teased.

When Brody was asked about the kiss Audrina referred to, his reply left something to be desired: "I don't even remember really kissing her. Did we kiss? I don't know." He did, however, talk about their relationship saying they "definitely have chemistry. Audrina and I have always had a very, I mean, we love each other. There's a lot of love there." Brody elaborated saying that when the cast gets together they're "always up the latest, hanging out, talking." When pressed for more details on their potential relationship, Brody reassured viewers they'd "see us kind of go down that road." per E! News.

Sounds like we'll have to take their advice and tune into "The Hills: New Beginnings" to see how their relationship plays out!