This Is Where Luann De Lesseps And Bethenny Frankel Stand Today

"Real Housewives of New York" OGs Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel have long had a complicated relationship, ever since the former countess corrected Bethenny about how she should introduce her to "like, a driver or someone." They've had their share of ups and downs over the years, but now that Bethenny is no longer on the show it seems like their relationship might be at a standstill. 

They were close at one time. It was Bethenny who revealed to Luann that Luann's fiancé, Tom D'Agostino, was spotted canoodling with another women just before they were married. And they have both said in public that it was Bethenny who came to Luann's side when she she went to rehab a second time. That doesn't mean they haven't had their spats, of course. During Bethenny's last season, she "popped off" on Luann at a dinner in Miami, per Bravo, and endlessly bashed Luann's cabaret show

After Bethenny left the show and made some pointed remarks about the ratings of the show without her, the cast and production were apparently "livid," per Page Six. A source told the outlet, "As much as Bethenny pretends to be a producer, creator, mogul and even philanthropist, she will always be a 'Real Housewife' and reality star. She was a no-one before 'RHONY' — why would someone be so desperate as to bash the franchise that built her brand? Andy [Cohen] is livid!" 

So what is Luann now saying about her former colleague? 

Luann has some words for Bethenny

Luann de Lesseps shaded Bethenny Frankel in a May appearance on Wendy Williams' talk show. She started off with well wishes for her former cast mate, saying: "I wish her all the best. I wish her success." But then came the harsh words.

"She has this issue with not mentioning she's been on the 'Housewives,' it's like don't forget where you started from, girlfriend," Luann remarked. She continued, "We support you, you support us, this is where you got your start, and I think that that's important. One should not forget the hand that fed you." Sounds like these two don't need camera crews following them around to continue bringing the drama. 

Still, Luann found time to praise Bethenny — before getting admittedly "shady" with her comments again. "Bethenny made a great Housewife, she really did, and, you know, she had her hand at a talk show, which didn't work out," she said. "So let's see how her show ['Big Shot With Bethenny'] does on HBO, you know, it sounds great. I mean, it's right up her alley."