The Real Reason Whitney Cummings Wants Women To Stop Apologizing - Exclusive

As a comedian who just so happens to be a woman, Whitney Cummings has found herself labeled an "edgy" and "dirty comic." "One of my biggest frustrations is that I never could talk about women's bodies without people thinking I was blue or gross or a dirty, filthy comic," the comedian told Nicki Swift. 

As part of Annovera's Just Say Vagina campaign, Cummings wants to encourage women to stop apologizing, and start embracing the language that describes their bodies. And the creator of "2 Broke Girls" is most definitely done apologizing when she hasn't done anything wrong. "If someone's apologizing for something constantly and they didn't do anything wrong, I'm always like, if you did something wrong, tell me," she explained. "Because all you're doing is apologizing, which makes me think you did something wrong."

Nicki Swift sat down with Cummings to find out all about her new campaign, and her advice for anybody who finds themselves apologizing way more often than they should.

Whitney Cummings has some 'savage advice'

Whitney Cummings jumped at the chance to work with Annovera on the Just Say Vagina campaign, and she's ready to instill women with confidence. Speaking to Nicki Swift, Cummings shared her advice for serial apologizers. "Well, what I would say is — it's a pretty savage advice — which is, I think a lot of those type of women, they don't want to be a problem, they want to keep harmony," the director of "The Female Brain" told Nicki Swift. "All I'll say to you is when you do that, you're annoying. ... you are giving your power away when you do that." 

However, Cummings knows that it's not easy to suddenly stop apologizing when someone is knee-deep in the habit of placating others. "I'm 14 years in basically Al-Anon and Co-Dependents Anonymous, it takes a lot of work to unwire that s***," she revealed, "but if I've hired you, it means I think you're amazing. If you don't think you're amazing, that's your problem. You need to go deal with it because I'm paying you to be here, so you're saying I'm dumb. You're saying I made a bad hire. So to me, we don't understand all the time how our insecurities are insulting to other people." 

To take it a step further, Cummings has a challenge for people who over-apologize.

Inside Whitney Cummings' 30 day challenge

Many of us find ourselves apologizing when we don't need to, but Whitney Cummings might have the solution. "I did a 30 days no apologizing challenge. It took me like eight months to get through 30 days, but you go like, I'm not going to apologize unless I've done something," she explained. "Because also, when you do really actually need to apologize, it's going to have no power ... There's nothing more impressive than someone who can apologize with elegance and grace."

Most importantly, Cummings wants women to have a seat at the table. "So it's a big thing, especially as women, [to be] like, 'We want to be in the workplace and we deserve to be here,' and then they get there and all they do is act like they don't deserve to be here. Honestly, if you can't do it, just pretend you can and then go cry in your car after." She continued, "Just copy the men for a little while. You don't see men running around like, 'Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm too early. I'm sorry I'm early.' ... I just had to fake it. I want to say I'm sorry constantly and I would just bite my lip the whole time."

Check out Whitney Cummings' new campaign with Annovera, Just Say Vagina.