How Much Is Tanner Buchanan Actually Worth?

Tanner Buchanan is well known for his TV roles, but the "Cobra Kai" star is about to solidify his place as a teen heartthrob with his newest movie, the upcoming "He's All That." And while Buchanan's career is just starting to heat up, the young star has an impressive resume of TV roles under his belt, which hasn't hurt his bank account.

Buchanan first appeared on TV when he was only a child, landing a role in an episode of ABC's "Modern Family." From there, the Ohio native made other appearances on shows like "Grey's Anatomy" and "Major Crimes." The real money appeared to begin to come in, though, when Buchanan booked recurring roles on several popular series. Per his IMDb page, Buchanan appeared in two episodes of "The Goldbergs." After that, he appeared in three episodes of "Girl Meets World" in 2015. And with roles on "The Fosters" in 2016 and "Fuller House" in 2017, Buchanan kept steady work — and income — in the bank early in his career.

But perhaps the most lucrative was that in between some of those appearances, Buchanan had starring roles, as well. From 2016 to 2018, he starred in the political drama "Designated Survivor," and from 2015 to 2019, he was in six episodes of the Nickelodeon series "Game Shakers." Yet fans likely know Buchanan best from Netflix's "Cobra Kai." The young star has already had a stable acting career, which has helped his Hollywood reputation as well as his bank account!

Tanner Buchanan is about to blow up in Hollywood

Tanner Buchanan is one of Hollywood's hottest rising stars. His role as Robby Keene on the Netflix hit "Cobra Kai" probably has something to do with that, especially after it became the number-one show on Netflix worldwide in 2020, per Forbes. Buchanan opened up about the show's slow-burn success in January 2021, telling Glamour U.K., "We've been doing the show for three years on YouTube and with it being released in a way that makes it feel brand new to so many people is just amazing."

Buchanan is not only getting recognized; he's also getting paid. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Buchanan was worth $1 million as of 2020. But we have a feeling that number is just going to get higher and higher, especially because he's slated to star in one of Netflix's most anticipated summer movies. Buchanan will act opposite TikTok phenomenon Addison Rae in "He's All That," a gender-swapped remake of the '90s hit "She's All That." The actor opened up about what it was like working with Rae, telling The Face, "She came in with a lot of confidence, which is what you need in this business." 

So, how does the actor feel about his steadily increasing Hollywood success? As he said to Glamour U.K., "I guess it's just a really good feeling to know I'm going down the right path and it feels great." If our net worth was $1 million, we'd feel the same way.