Princess Diana Had One Wish For A Book About Her Her Life

It's no surprise that there have been several books published about the life — and tragic death — of Princess Diana. During years that she spent in the spotlight, living under the monarchy's rule and beyond, the Princess of Wales was a bright light for so many, not just in the UK, but for people around the globe. They all seemed to simply love her, and she soon became known as the "people's princess." According to Time, the media frenzy surrounding Diana was unmatched. Even when she and Prince Charles divorced, she was still the center of the media's focus, which speaks to the adoration that she so effortlessly commanded.

Diana was killed in a car accident in 1997, but "her legacy still occupies a unique position in the British public consciousness—and beyond," Time reports. This could be one of the reasons that so many people have written books about her. There's one book in particular, however, that Diana actually had a small say in. Before she died, Diana worked with a voice and presence coach named Stewart Pearce. According to Us Weekly, Diana and Pearce discussed the possibility of him sharing details about what they had worked on together, and she made one very specific request — one that he complied with decades later. Keep reading to find out what Diana asked of Pearce.

Princess Diana always kept her boys in mind

Stewart Pearce's new book "Diana The Voice of Change" will be available for purchase on June 15. Ahead of its release, Pearce chatted with Us Weekly, and told the outlet the one thing that Princess Diana had requested of him. He revealed that Diana wanted him to share their work — but at a very specific time. "Diana said to me shortly before she died, 'Wouldn't it be amazing if all of the work that we've done together became a book, but if you do, please don't publish it until after the boys are married,'" Pearce explained.

Now that both Prince Harry and Prince William are both married, the time for Pearce's book has come. "I feel that [Diana] wanted [her boys] to be stable in the love that she wanted for them with their chosen bride. That was the meaning that I put to it — that it was to do with a level of that they could begin to then reflect through their wives on the possibility of all of the exercises that I include within the book," Pearce told Us Weekly. He went on to explain that he believes the book will help support Harry and Meghan Markle, specifically, because "Meghan is becoming another great voice of change" not unlike the Princess of Wales once was. "[Here's] how we can support them and how we can support [all women] in this endeavor," Pearce thought.