90 Day Fiance: Who Is Jovi's Mom, Gwen?

Gwen Eymard first made waves on the reality television circuit when she appeared on TLC's "90 Day Fiancé" as Jovi Dufren's mom. As reported by Screen Rant, it wasn't exactly love at first sight between Jovi's future bride, Yara Zaya, and her soon-to-be mother-in-law. Lest we forget the awkward moment she offended Yara by insinuating that she was only marrying Jovi in an effort to come to the United States. YIKES. 

Luckily after some time and natural growing pains, the two women appeared to establish a mutual respect for one another, with Gwen taking Yara's side when her son was clearly in the wrong. In a now-famous TLC moment, the mother publicly took her son to task during the show's Season 8 tell-all special for visiting a strip club. In turn, Gwen won over the hearts of viewers everywhere. 

But besides being one of the few beloved in-laws on the reality television series, what else is there to know about Gwen? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Gwen Eymard is a proud 'Babushka'

Reality television personality Gwen Eymard is relishing in her role as grandma ... perhaps even a tad too much.

As reported by Soap Dirt, Gwen has proven to be a bit outspoken when it comes to the rearing of her granddaughter, Mylah. During an on-air show down between the brand new parents and proud grandma, Gwen, scolded her son Jovi Dufren and her daughter-in-law Yara Zaya for not keeping a blanket on the baby and then taking her outside. While the new parents were adamant that baby Mylah had been covered up most of the day and needed some time outside of the confines of the blanket so she could wiggle around, Grandma Gwen wasn't hearing it. As one can imagine, this did not go over well. 

Perhaps, however, the overzealous grandma's heart really is in the right place. According to Screen Rant, Gwen told a fan of the show that she wants Mylah to call her "Babushka," a Ukranian term for grandma — no doubt an attempt to make her daughter-in-law feel even more comfortable as she navigates life as a new mom thousands of miles from her native country.

Here's to hoping the family can come together harmoniously and give little Mylah all of the love they can muster!