Body Language Expert Noticed Elizabeth Olsen Doing This While Accepting Her MTV Movie Award - Exclusive

"WandaVision” star Elizabeth Olsen is having a blockbuster year in 2021, a streak that continued at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards on May 16. Portraying the Marvel Cinematic Universe's spell-casting Scarlet Witch on Disney+'s uber-successful, genre-bending "WandaVision," Olsen took home two Golden Popcorn Awards: Best Performance in a Show, and Best Fight with co-star Kathryn Hahn, plus Best Show for the series overall, per CNN. Olsen's capture of a grief-stricken omnipotent young woman (or witch) gripped fans and critics alike. "From being goofy and silly to heartbroken and destroyed, the precision of her performance deserves to be rewarded," opined, adding "it would be a real shame if the Television Academy didn't recognize the talent [Olsen] has exhibited" during the nine-episode series.

The MCU had a great night at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards, with fellow Disney+ stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan also taking home Golden Popcorns, per MTV. So why did body language expert Lauren Cohen say that Olsen seemed slightly "distressed" during the night? Find out in the next slide! 

Elizabeth Olsen seemed "nervous" on stage, body language expert says

Elizabeth Olsen was nervous accepting her first MTV Movie and TV Award of the night, according to Lauren Cohen, a body language expert, executive and career coach. In Olsen's acceptance speech for Best Performance in a Show for "WandaVision," Cohen noted that although Olsen "glowed and smiled... she was rubbing on and almost squeezing one of her fingers... This was probably to try to calm herself and dissipate stress." 

Could it have been spotlight-induced nerves? Olsen has opened up about having social anxiety, such as on "The Tonight Show" in March. "I expect everything I do to fail," Olsen told host Jimmy Fallon, adding with self-deprecating humor and candor, "I just try to hold onto what I like about my job and I just assume no one's gonna enjoy anything I'm a part of." 

Indeed, Cohen observed that Olsen's body language was significantly more relaxed during her second award acceptance for Best Fight alongside "WandaVision" co-star Kathryn Hahn. "She was so much more comfortable... with her friend and acting partner," Cohen said. "She had palms up and lifted her hands to draw more claps from the crowd." Cohen also pointed to Olsen's "huge real smile" and bent legs as other signs of her increased onstage relaxation as she and Hahn performed a comedy bit for the audience while thanking their stunt doubles. It looks like Olsen might have just needed a pal on stage!