Jana Kramer Shares New Details About The Cause Of Her Divorce

Singing and acting star Jana Kramer is continuing to spill more tea on her April divorce from Mike Caussin. Kramer had announced the split in an April 29 Instagram post, writing, "I've fought y'all... I've given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give." Despite co-writing the couples' counseling self-help guide, "The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice of Loving Faithfully," Kramer and Caussin gave up said fight after repeated allegations of Caussin cheating throughout their marriage – and even a stint in sex rehab for the ex-NFL player!

The couple had previously separated in 2016 when Caussin filed for divorce whilst in treatment for sex addiction, People reported. As he revealed on a September 2020 episode of their podcast, "Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin," he did so because Kramer wasn't letting him see their daughter. For Kramer, the last straw appeared to come after an anonymous October 2020 Instagram DM informing her of Caussin's "unprotected sex" with another woman, per Us Weekly. "The really sucky thing about it is that my default can't go to 'There's no way,'" Kramer confessed on an October 2020 episode of "Whine Down." 

Signs of the divorce were arguably there — in March, the candid Kramer had posted a now-deleted Instagram photo of her crying, writing, "No relationship is perfect." Now in May, Kramer has shared more on the cause behind her divorce. 

Jana Kramer has moved from anger to acceptance

Jana Kramer confirmed to Extra on May 17 that, among other transgressions, discoveries of suspicious "cell phone stuff" by ex-husband Mike Caussin was the marriage-ender. "That and some more," she affirmed, adding, "Let's just say it was bad enough that I had no choice." Indeed, Kramer — who announced her divorce filing from Caussin in April — has made it clear she made a concerted effort to stay in the marriage for their two children's sake.

While she was initially "angry" at Caussin, she has moved onto acceptance. "Now, I am like, 'Okay, it sucks and it's unfair and it's not what I dreamt of for my family, for my kids, now I have to figure out how to accept it." Her daughter is hip to the family's situation, Kramer disclosed. "Jolie knows and she's kind of telling everyone, which kind of breaks my heart," she told the outlet. "She's like, 'Daddy and Mommy have different houses.'" While Jace had a harder time initially, Kramer said her kids will be OK. "They've always had both of us," Kramer shared. "We both are essentially stay-at-home parents." 

Nonetheless, there will likely be an adjustment period for the "One Tree Hill" alum on her co-parenting journey. As Kramer revealed on a May 3 episode of "Whine Down with Jana Kramer," she told her therapist that on the night of her children's first sleepover with their dad, "I'm gonna be destroyed."