The Real Meaning Behind 'Breaking Me' By Topic & A7S

Producer Topic broke onto the scene in 2014 with the hit tune "Light It Up" and cemented himself as one of house music's premiere beatmakers with a stellar 2019 that was topped off with the release of "Breaking Me." For that song, the German producer collaborated with Swedish producer A7S, who provided the lyrics while also assisting on the beat, per Prelude Press. The hit track climbed the international charts in 2020. "2019 was a steady year for me. It didn't have any significant highs or lows. But 2020 started with a bang!" Topic told Respect My Region in January 2020.

It took Topic years to hone his sound, as he was influenced by many genres. "I now found my home in 'melancholic dance music' — songs, which bring up various kinds of emotions but with a sound, which makes you want to dance," he told Prelude Press. The producer enjoys collaborating with A7S, whose vocals blend perfectly to these "melancholic" beats. "A7S and I started working closely in 2018, since then we went on several songwriting trips around the world and built a close friendship over this time," he told Festicket.

The duo's trip to complete writing "Breaking Me" brought them to Miami, Fla. "I tend to come up with good tracks in the U.S.," Topic added to Prelude Press. So what do the lyrics of the infectious song mean? Scroll down to find out!

A collaborative songwriting process lead to "Breaking Me"

When Topic and A7S released "Breaking Me," they both described the track as "a meeting point between heartbreak and zestful beats," per Kiss 102.7. Topic further elaborated on the song's meaning in a January 2020 interview with One EDM, saying the lyrics tackle the power dynamics in a dysfunctional relationship. "'Breaking Me' is about a situation in a relationship with a certain dependency, in which one always gives a little more and 'breaks' because of that," he told the outlet.

"Call me what you wanna/ I'll be what you wanna," A7S sings in the opening of the song, per Genius. The second verse opens with a similar sentiment about a person depending on the love of their partner regardless of the circumstance. "You can do whatever/ I'll be here forever," the Swedish singer croons. "Yeah right from the start you played with my heart," he sings in the chorus.

Topic revealed that the duo used a collaborative songwriting process, and while the lyrics of "Breaking Me" seem personal, they are more about conveying an emotion. "When writing a song, you sit together as a group and everyone talks about what currently goes on in their lives and what moves them," he told One EDM. As Topic said to Respect my Region in a separate interview that same month, "A song itself is not always about a certain situation that has been experienced by yourself."