What Do Trent And Amber Johnston Do For A Living And What's Their Net Worth?

Trent and Amber Johnston are perhaps best known for their role in TLC's "7 Little Johnstons," a reality series that chronicles the life of two parents with dwarfism raising a crew of five children. Phew. We're tired just picturing such a busy household, but we digress.

The show first burst onto the scene in 2015, but it didn't take long before fans were hooked and the money started rolling in for the reality couple. Eventually the Johnstons would use said profits to purchase a sweet and spacious pad in Forsyth, Ga. complete with 10 acres and their very own pool, per Monsters & Critics.  

It's no secret that reality stars can make a pretty nice living for themselves, provided that they're willing to share their lives with the masses and let it all — and we mean ALL — hang out. (Does the name Kardashian ring any bells???) But just how much is the couple worth? And is the show their only means of income? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

The Johnstons did not quit their day jobs

As it turns out, TLC stars Trent and Amber Johnston were careful not to allow their newfound reality fame to go to their heads. In short: They did not quit their day jobs. Per TLC's official website, Trent still works as a "grounds supervisor at a local college" and Amber is still doing what she does best: being a full-time mom whilst also selling real estate. Per her bio on Zillow's website, the busy mother of five is committed to getting her clients the results they are worthy of whilst finding them the perfect place to land.

Perhaps keeping their day jobs while also raking in the reality star big bucks is the key ingredient to a healthy net worth. According to The Cinemaholic, the reality couple is worth roughly $3 million. Not too shabby, eh? Another secret to their success: keeping it real.

During an exclusive interview with The List, matriarch Amber was adamant that what you see within the confines of their popular reality show is what you get. "The biggest thing was that all seven of us have always felt that we're true to ourselves in front of the camera as well as off cameras. So it's not like we're living two separate lives, so, we don't have to think about that when the cameras are around. It's pretty seamless when it comes to what we're doing front of the camera," she revealed.