The Real Reason Fans Are Losing It Over Prince William

The royal family has dealt with a lot of drama in the past few years, including the fact that, in 2020, Prince Charles reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus. The same can be said for his son, Prince William, who apparently became very ill. In fact, the second heir to the throne was in such bad shape, that those around him were apparently incredibly worried. That's surely one of the reasons why those who adore the royals were happy to see the Duke of Cambridge post a special photo to Instagram on May 20.

"On Tuesday, I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine," William's caption read. He then added, "To all those working on the vaccine rollout — thank you for everything you've done and continue to do."

In the image, William can be seen in a mask and a rather casual outfit. Instead of the suit that we normally see him in, he was wearing jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Granted, in order to receive the vaccination shot, he had to pull up one sleeve and expose his entire arm. While that sounds perfectly normal, fans were absolutely losing it over the photo. Why? Well, there was something particular about the prince that was pretty shocking and totally buzz-worthy! Keep scrolling to learn more!

Prince William has a buff bicep that's making some people blush

When a photo of Prince William getting his COVID-19 vaccination shot was posted to the Instagram account that the Duke of Cambridge shares with his wife, Kate Middleton, the royals may not have been able to predict the kind of response it would stir up. That's because, aside from comments about the prince now being vaccinated, many of the remarks (and eyes) were focused on William's surprisingly buff arm.

"That bicep though," one Instagram user wrote, while adding a shocked face emoji. Another admirer admitted, "I'm blushing."

Someone else had a seemingly good point, noting, "No wonder The Duchess of Cambridge looks always so happy." Yet another fan of the duke pointed out, "Oh, Prince William works out"

Indeed, according to Page Six, "William's physique could be credited to his athletic prowess, as he plays both soccer and polo." On top of that, the prince has access to a home gym where he can surely go to lift a few weights in order to keep nice and fit. Clearly, any effort he's putting in is paying off. Maybe he should start wear short-sleeve shirts in public or find reasons to pull up his long sleeves more often!