The Secret Behind Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson's Relationship

You can count the number of scandal-free Hollywood celebrities on one hand, and two of them are married to each other! We're talking about America's mom and dad, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, of course. The impossibly wholesome duo have been married for over three decades and, to be honest, we are dying to know how they do it. So Nicki Swift went to a pro, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, Susan Trombetti.

"When it comes to the much beloved Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, it's no surprise that they have just celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary," Trombetti says. "32 years in Hollywood time is like 60 years for the rest of us and quite an amazing feat. What is shocking is that it's an enduring romance in Hollywood because that's a hard one to accomplish."

Trombetti points out that they love each other even more than the rest of the world loves them. But the relationship expert also says that the couple's public personas and personal history may explain a lot as well.

Here's what she said.

America's mom and dad have a dream relationship

According to Susan Trombetti, you need only look at the tabloid fodder — or lack thereof — to see what makes these two a perfect match.

"During all this time, the public has never seen the typical Hollywood rise to fame, bad behavior, apologies and comebacks that a lot of stars face," Trombetti points out. "When was the last time you saw Tom Hanks in the media for his crazy antics? It appears that his public persona matches his private life as well, and the same can be said for Rita Wilson."

The professional matchmaker continues, "He is a stand-up guy and she is an intelligent, caring person. They both make the effort and do the right thing. They seem like real people and they keep it real in their relationship."

But it's more than just good character keeping the Hollywood darlings together. Trombetti says their backgrounds also factor in.

"Tom was married before and mentions he married at such a young age and wasn't really ready for all the responsibility. When people marry for a second time, they know the ropes. Also, Tom Hanks' parents had seven divorces between them, and Rita's parents were married for over 50 years," she says. "Both have learned something from their parents: he knows what doesn't work and Rita knows what does by the example their parents set."

Trombetti concludes, "They have great communication, and they mention the spark they still have after all these years."