The Sad Meaning Behind Travis Barker's New Tattoo

Travis Barker's body-full of tattoos falls in line with his rock-star appeal. The Blink 182 drummer would often show off his inked-out body during his shirtless performances. After confirming his romance with Kourtney Kardashian in January, per People, Barker found ways to display his love for the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star through (you guessed it) new body tattoos. 

His first tattoo that appeared to be an ode to the Poosh founder displayed the words "you're so cool", per Page Six. The three words were the title of song included in the film "True Romance," a favorite of the rocker. The shape of the tattoo also appeared to resemble Kourtney's handwriting, which was seen on love notes he shared on social media. By April, a shirtless Barker stepped out and showed off his chest tattoo of Kourtney's name, per People. Placed directly above his heart, the tattoo appeared to solidify the love and devotion Barker had for the reality star. 

The following month, Barker followed it up by allowing Kourtney to tattoo "I love you" onto his arm, Vulture reported. But not everyone appeared happy with the couple's newfound romance. Barker's ex-wife Shanna Moakler appeared to take issue with one tattoo coverup he got while "his new girl lovingly looked on," she claimed in a post, via ET. In response, Moakler uploaded an Instagram video getting a tattoo of Barker's name removed from her wrist. "It's my ex's name," Moakler said. "Don't tattoo names on your body, kids."

Travis Barker newest tattoo is more serious

Not one to go back and forth in public drama, Travis Barker remained silent about the numerous jabs his ex-wife appeared to take at him. But shortly after Shanna Moakler covered up a tattoo of his name, a tattoo shop shared a video on May 20 of him getting a new throat tattoo that read "Don't Trust Anyone," via People.

The following day, Barker unveiled another tattoo, but this one had a more somber meaning, via ET. On one arm it read "Survivors" while the other arm read "Guilt". The tattoo appeared to be in remembrance of the plane crash Barker survived back in 2008. The crash took the lives of four people including his assistant Chris Baker and security guard Charles Monroe Still, Jr. His friend Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ AM, survived the crash but died a year later in an accidental overdose, via Reuters.

"I think back, and I was this little punk, someone I'm not proud of, that's abusing pills every day and taking all this s*** recreationally. And then you look death in the face and you almost die in a plane crash, and then you're actually forced to be on morphine for four months or whatever. It's like 'Oh, how did the tables change?'" he told Billboard in 2015. "Every day since the plane crash is another day I walked away from death. I'm very fortunate." The rock star has avoided flying planes since.

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