Why Isn't Matt LeBlanc Speaking To His Father?

The "Friends" reunion has got fans talking, bustling with excitement and hopes of reliving the 90 Bedford Street apartment days. The joy is evident, and why not? Their favorite characters have come home again. However, amid the gleaming faces that are to be seen at the highly awaited event, there's one face — that of Matt LeBlanc — that still frowns at the idea of a different type of reunion: one with his father.

Matt reportedly has a sour relationship with his dad Paul LeBlanc, and the reason is something that happened nine years ago. And now, Paul is opening up on the estrangement, hoping that his son yearns to reconnect before it's too late. Speaking to The Sun in May, Paul revealed that Matt has only sent him one birthday card his entire life, and all his attempts to connect with him — to get in touch through all these years — have been in vain.

During the fall-out's initial years, Paul had revealed that he doesn't see Matt reaching out to him anytime soon, at least not until he finds out that his father is dying. And looking at his recent statements, things appear to be the same. So what exactly was the dispute between Matt and his father Paul that brewed such sourness into their relationship that they got completely out of touch, with little hopes of reuniting? Read on to find out more!

Matt LeBlanc fell out with his father over a money and motorbike dispute

Speaking to The Sun, Paul LeBlanc claimed that he hasn't spoken to his son Matt LeBlanc after a dispute over money and a motorbike. According to Paul, Matt — who is apparently "erratic" to him and "has a short temper" — got furious and cut off his father's allowances when he found out that Paul had gifted Matt's motorcycle to a nephew. Paul also said that he "wouldn't be able to survive," if not for his social security and savings. However, he isn't begging his son to resume his allowances, and says "it will be a cold day in hell before that happens."

After all these years, Paul still can't believe he'd been cut off, resulting in him losing "everything." Now, he can only hope for a reconciliation with his son and his granddaughter Marina Pearl LeBlanc — at least some kind of relationship with them before he dies. "You're going to miss me when I'm gone," warned Paul, adding that he couldn't quite get the "fuss" over the "Friends" reunion ,as he always found the show silly and for young people. Moreover, he has only "one TV channel," which is why he can't watch the reunion.

Matt, on the other hand, has his own reason for cutting ties with his father. Responding to Paul's claim, Matt's spokesperson told The Sun, "To put this in perspective, Matt's father abandoned Matt and his mother when he was an infant."