The Untold Truth About The Duck Dynasty Cast's Wives

"Duck Dynasty" continues to be one of the most memorable reality shows ever. The "quacky" reality series ended in 2017 after 11 successful seasons on A&E. The Robertson family became well-known for their duck hunting skills, their strong Christian faith, and of course, those famous long, bushy beards. They have built what some may call an empire. While the men run the family's business, it's the women behind the men who are really the rock stars.

As seen throughout the years on air, the wives of Phil, Willie, Jase, and Jep regularly kept things under control, while their hubbies frequently went off the beaten path, so to speak. If you would ask the men of "Duck Dynasty" who the real "boss" of their family is, they would most likely agree that Kay, Korie, Missy, and Jessica are the glue that holds their families together.

Here is a glimpse of these strong women, and those who aren't seen as much, from the famous reality show.

Kay Robertson fought hard for her family and won

The matriarch of the Robertson family, Miss Kay as she is known as, did not have an easy life when she was young. She lost her dad when she was just 14, got pregnant at 16 before she and Phil were married, and put up with her husband's drunkenness, while she tried her best to raise three young sons at the time.

However, things turned around after she became a Christian and chose to fight for her marriage, no matter what. She personally told her story in a video called "I Am Second." Later, Phil also saw the light and did the same.

Now, after 50 years of marriage, the couple is closer than ever. In addition to being a former reality star, Kay also became an author of a cookbook and opened her own bakery called Miss Kay's Sweets and Eats in West Monroe, La. Unfortunately, the establishment closed its doors in August of 2020.

Korie Robertson loves her kids, grandkids, and art

Being the wife of Duck Commander's CEO, Willie Robertson, seems to be challenging at times, but Korie Robertson loves her life with him and their six children. They met in third grade and the rest is history. As seen on her Instagram account, Korie not only adores her kids, but now that she has grandkids, she gets to spoil them as well.

Besides being a star of "Duck Dynasty," Korie also authored a book in 2017 on a topic that she definitely has experience in. It's called "Strong and Kind: Raising Kids of Character."

Another interesting tidbit is that she seems to be good at art. In fact, she previously told Us Weekly that while she attended Harding University in Arkansas, she was an art-education major. That led to her being able to make a little bit of money on the side, being able to paint limited-edition duck calls, as a young mother raising her kids.

Jep wasn't Jessica Robertson's first husband

Jessica is married to the youngest of the Robertson boys and they have five children: Lily, Jules, Merritt, River, and Priscilla. The couple also wrote a book together called "The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family, and Forgiveness," in which Jessica revealed that she had been married before she met Jep to a youth pastor. They divorced after one year.

According to ET, her children didn't know about her previous marriage. However, she wanted to tell her story. "But I really felt like this was an opportunity to share with the world some of the struggles that I went through with that, and coming out through the grace of God," she said. "You know, coming out the other side, and meeting Jep, and turning my life around."

She also admitted to having an eating disorder around that time as well. Jep gave her a chance, despite being told that she wasn't the right fit for him. They got hitched just two weeks after he proposed and they have lived happily ever after since then.

Missy Robertson deals with hard times in prayer

Both Missy and Jase Robertson were raised in a Christian home, so faith has always been their number-one priority in everything they do. Their strong faith and prayer life has come in mighty handy over the years, especially during daughter Mia's countless surgeries to correct the cleft lip and palate that she was born with. Missy has been Mia's biggest cheerleader through every single surgery, even asking for prayers from her fans as well.

In addition, the mother of three, along with her husband, own a gorgeous bed and breakfast in their hometown of Monroe, La. Did you also know that Missy has her own line of leather goods for Oak River Company? Her official Missy Robertson website has all of the projects that she has been involved in recently. It doesn't seem like she has slowed down much after "Duck Dynasty" went off air. 

Christine Robertson thought she couldn't have kids

Everyone seems to know Uncle Si because — well — he is quite unforgettable. But what about his wife Christine? Not much is known about Si's elusive spouse, as she was not a part of the reality show at all like her husband was.

In a 2014 interview with Us Weekly, he revealed the truth on why she chose not to participate on reality TV. Si said that due to health reasons, that it just wasn't feasible for her to be able to film for 12 hours at a time. However, he did say that not being on the famous show doesn't bother her one bit. She was okay not being as famous as her iced tea-drinking husband (who has actually found other ways to stay in the limelight since the show ended).

There is also the question of whether Uncle Si and Miss Christine had any children. The answer is yes! The couple has two kids, Trasa and Scott. Si previously told the story about how he had to ask his bride to marry him at least 100 times. She apparently kept saying no as she was told by doctors that she was unable to bear any children. However, they eventually married and later got two miracles, as Si calls them.

Lisa Robertson went through a rough patch in her younger years

Life hasn't always been easy for Lisa Robertson, wife of Alan, the eldest son of Phil and Kay's. She had previously told her story on how she was molested by an uncle. That reportedly led to her making many bad choices in her young life. She also wound up having an abortion at the age of 16.

One regretful choice she made was cheating on her husband with an old boyfriend. That led to 14 months of lying and fear of getting caught in a web of lies and deceit. In addition, she also confessed to embezzling money from Duck Commander at the time of her affair.

Ultimately though, she was forgiven by her husband after confessing her sins in a letter read by the pastor of her church. That honesty was the start of healing in their marriage. They ended up writing a book on their story called "A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption."