The Truth About Emily Blunt's Reaction To John Krasinski's Quarantine Weight Gain

With 2018's "A Quiet Place," John Krasinski flexed his apparently ample directorial and screenwriting muscles for the world to see. As the star, co-writer, and director of the critical and commercial success (both of which are hard to achieve with a psychologically tinted horror film), Krasinski is finally seeing its sequel, "A Quiet Place: Part II," hit theaters May 28 — one year delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, per The New York Times.

Fans of Krasinski since his breakout on NBC's iconic comedy "The Office" will notice those weren't the only muscles he's been flexing. When People tweeted a bare-chested photo of Krasinski in 2016 from the film "13 Hours," Twitter was beside itself with, uh, appreciation for the newly, more muscular actor. "Is that a real body — beautiful," raved one tweeter. 

"Jacked Jim" continued his streak with 2018's Amazon Prime series "Jack Ryan," in which he portrays the buffest CIA analyst in agency history. Friend and late night host Stephen Colbert teased the crossover star about the transformation in an eight-minute sketch on his show in 2018, with Colbert exclaiming at a closeup of Krasinski's six-pack: "Damn it... you are sexy!" So what could have led wife Emily Blunt, Krasinki's "A Quiet Place" co-star, to tease the ripped star about his supposed quarantine weight gain? Keep reading for Krasinski's endearing and all-too-relatable anecdote.

John Krasinski developed a popcorn habit in lockdown

Action star John Krasinski fell prey to something many others have during the coronavirus quarantine — an affinity for junk food. "I was addicted to popcorn," the actor-director bravely admitted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on May 21, assigning blame to his daughters with wife Emily Blunt. "My kids had microwave movie popcorn, and then just slowly the time started getting earlier and earlier ... at breakfast, I was like, 'Does anybody want popcorn?” Krasinski hilariously related. At that point, Blunt stepped in to tell Krasinski, 'You gotta cool it ... You gotta stop microwaving popcorn at 9 a.m." 

After all, although "A Quiet Place Part II" was wrapped before lockdowns began in 2020, the star's Amazon Prime show, "Jack Ryan," is set to begin filming its third season in May, per The Prague Reporter. Still required to look the part chasing bad guys on rooftops, Krasinski mused that the show debated returning to work earlier mid-pandemic for a while. As he told Stephen Colbert with the deadpan delivery that made him a star, "I said, 'I am totally ready to shoot. We just need to change the title of the show to Fat Ryan." If his "13 Hours" regimen per Men's Health Australia is any indication, Krasinski will have to train "twice a day, five days a week, for several weeks" to regain that six-pack — personally, we'd nominate Blunt to be his trainer!