The Sweet Way Emma Stone Honored The Women In Her Family With Her Baby's Name

When it came to deciding on her first child's name, Emma Stone seemed to look a little closer to home. Stone gave birth to her daughter more than two months ago and only now does the world know what Hollywood's most famous redhead called her.

The notoriously private actor and her husband Dave McCary welcomed their baby girl on March 13. While the pair never formally announced the birth, let alone pregnancy, Stone was photographed cradling a bump while hiking back in December, per People. While the "Saturday Night Live" segment director shared some selfies to Instagram of them showing off Stone's pearl engagement ring in 2019, the actor didn't publicize her September wedding. To be fair, Stone doesn't have any social media accounts ... as far as we're aware.

The pair first met when the "La La Land" star hosted an episode of the show in 2016 and McCary directed her in a taped sketch, per Vanity Fair. They managed to keep their relationship on the down-low for some time, until they arrived together at the Screen Actors Guild Awards where Stone was nominated for her role in "The Favourite."

While Stone understandably likes to keep her family close for privacy, it seems as if she also does so for sentimental reasons. In keeping up with family traditions, Stone named her daughter after her grandmother. 

Emma Stone shares a middle name with her daughter

A birth certificate obtained by TMZ on May 24 revealed that Emma Stone and Dave McCary named their daughter Louise Jean McCary. The name of French origin, Louise, has seen a rise in popularity in the U.S. since 2016 (per Name Berry), but the reason behind Stone's baby name goes back to her roots.

The actor's full name is Emily Jean Stone and her grandmother's is Jean Louise — therefore, her daughter's name is an inverted tribute to her great grandmother, per Vanity Fair. While Stone has yet to explain, let alone reveal the name herself, her grandmother would no doubt be humbled by such an endearing form of recognition.

Previously, Jean Louise Morgan opened up about how proud she was of Stone's Best Actress Oscar for "La La Land" in 2017 to Lancaster Online. "You could see the passion in her," she said. "Between us, [Stone's grandfather] and I have 10 grandchildren and I can't see another one of them leaving home at 15. But she's so grounded. She can see past the smoke and mirrors of fame."

And despite being a new mom, Stone has proven she's not willing to let a few messy diapers get in the way of picking up on her acting career. Just recently, she suited up for the premiere of her latest Disney film "Cruella" in Los Angeles, per Page Six.