Why Everyone Should Pay Close Attention To Chris Nunez's Color Collab App - Exclusive

Chris Núñez is a universally known name in the world of tattooing, and for good reason. In addition to his appearances on beloved ink shows like "Ink Master" and "Miami Ink," he has created tattoos since he was 18 years old. As he told Nicki Swift in an exclusive interview, he's "traveled the world tattooing," learning his craft "being on airplanes more than being stationed in one particular city or shop." His skills in shading, line work, and color are practically unparalleled, so you can trust his seal of approval on the new coloring book app Color Collab, which he created with friends.

"You can stipple shade, you can dye, you can fade out, you can use what almost looks like spray paint," he said, adding that "you can get lost" on the app and he spent nearly five hours on it the first time he logged in. Users can create artwork on their own, as well as check out pieces and collaborate with artists like Tim Hendricks, Claudia DeSabe, fellow "Miami Ink" alum Chris Garver. Núñez himself curated the inaugural group of artists. "We really didn't go after so much the cliché TV personality type thing," he told us of selecting the collaborators. "I went after the heart and soul ... of what I love about tattooing. And that's real tattooers that are on the grind."

Núñez and the team are giving artists their fair shake

Chris Núñez knew that he and co-founders Tobias Sherman and Simon Abitbol had stumbled upon something special, but he's still been blown away by the way users are doing things he didn't even expect with the app. "That's the whole beauty of creation and collaboration," he said. "That's what this has been, truly." The good news for Color Collabers — which includes everyone "from amateurs to seasoned professional artists," according to its site — is that their opportunities to work with the pros are just getting started.

Expect to see NFTs on the app, a market that an entrepreneur like Núñez is eager to explore after having gone through "so many bad deals" as an artist, which will allow creators to "create revenue" for their work. In fact, its first coloring contest will give one lucky artist a head start at the digital content marketplace: the winning piece will be embellished by Núñez and turned into an NFT presented back to them.

With the world starting to reopen, the Florida native told us that he thinks we're finally starting to see the "renaissance" of art that's come from quarantine, and he's hopeful for creators right now. "I think the artists are now, through what has happened and through all their hard work and through tech, are finally going to get a fair shake on art," he said.

You can unleash your inner artist with Chris Núñez and Foundry IV's Color Collab app, available on Google Play and the App Store.