Here's How Much Heidi Klum Is Really Worth

Heidi Klum has made a name for herself in the modeling industry as one of the most recognizable (and beautiful) faces in Hollywood. The blond bombshell began her career in 1993, per Britannica, when she moved from Germany to New York City. Since then, she has posed for some of the world's most high-profile magazines, including "Vogue," "Elle," and "Sports Illustrated." In addition to strutting her stuff on the runway, Heidi is also a big reality star these days, with stints on "Project Runway" and "America's Got Talent." 

Heidi's success in Hollywood is worth bragging about. The model has used her voice and star power for many good causes, including during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Deadline, Klum, and Tim Gunn's show, "Making the Cut" donated more than $600,000 "to the World Health Organization, and to local charities in New York, Paris, and Tokyo, where the series was filmed," Amazon shared in a statement. Klum is also part of several charitable organizations, including UNICEF

Her goodwill has also rubbed off on her daughter, Leni Klum, who donated $50,000 of her modeling salary in honor of Earth Day. "I'm only just starting my career, but I've seen the huge impact giving back has made firsthand through my mother's charitable work throughout the years," she said (via People). "With that in mind, I have put together $50K of my own money to donate to Plant-for-the-Planet." Could we love this mother/daughter duo anymore? 

This model clearly has money to give. Now, let's dive deeper into Heidi's fortune.

Heidi Klum has been making bank since 19

Good looks and a great personality have certainly paid off big time for Heidi Klum. Celebrity Net Worth reports that the model is currently worth $160 million. The outlet shares that Heidi rakes around $40 million annually, thanks to her deals from endorsements, licensing, hosting, and an intimates and clothing line. Success has been in Heidi's DNA since she was a youngster, and at the age of 19, she earned $300,000 from her first modeling contract. From there, it's all been uphill in terms of earning. 

Heidi, her husband Tom Kaulitz, and Heidi's four kids currently reside in a sprawling estate in the ritzy area of Bel-Air, California. According to ABC News, Heidi purchased the 11,000 square foot home for just under $10 million in 2014. The house was initially listed for $15 million, so Heidi got a steal of a deal. The property boasts an enormous pool, a two-story foyer, and great views of the mountains. It's also in a gated community — it's always nice to have an extra layer of security when you're rich and famous! 

In 2018, the model went bi-coastal, purchasing a $5.1 million NYC penthouse, per Observer. Meg Ryan also lives in the same building as Heidi in the Big Apple so we have to wonder if they ever hang out. According to the Observer, the loft needed a major facelift, but it's safe to say that Heidi has the cash to back some renovations. Like we always say... It literally pays to be Heidi Klum!